Hamilton: Surfing is my fave sport!

Lewis Hamilton has a new favourite sport! The five-time Formula 1 World Champion has had an action-packed off-season with surfing claiming his heart after catching waves with expert tuition from two legendary surfers.

Hamilton is in fine company with 11 times world number one surfing superstar Kelly Slater and big wave ace Kai Lenny showing the Mercedes driver the ropes.

Credit to Hamilton for living the life, last month at the start of the hols, in early December, he was out on track scraping knees at Circuit de Catalunya on a Yamaha Superbike.

A month later he was at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch getting coached in what looked like extremely cold conditions, but the world champ was relishing the challenge and caught a pipeline or two in the process.

Thereafter he posted a photo of himself field-side at a football game with a couple of mates; another post showing him chilling under palm trees “doing Pilates and Yoga for my core strength” and another post of himself playing golf.

But clearly, surfing has touched Hamilton as his latest post shows him catching waves at a much sunnier beach and declaring on Instagram: “Broadening horizons. Surfing is my fave sport! Being taught by Kelly and Kai.”

Lewis tube riding at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch