Lauda: Message to my team and my friends

Amid his recovery from a lung transplant, Mercedes F1 chairman and all around legend Niki Lauda delivered a Twitter message for the first time since the summer, wishing his team well.

Lauda was admitted to hospital in early August in a serious condition, only an emergency transplant his tenacity and strong will saved him, and since helped him recover.

Although Lauda was expected to attend the Formula 1 season finale, he decided not to travel to Abu Dhabi and instead delivered this message on Twitter: “Message to my team and my friends.”

“As you all know I had a rough time from my health point of view and the support I got from all you people on my way was unbelievable, and I was out of bed quicker because I felt [good] to be home with big strong family and friends.”

“Therefore the achievement of this year, outstanding. Five championships in a row, Lewis again, Bottas right there. We could not have done a better job.”

“And now the important message is I’ll be there soon and off we go, off we go there pressure comes for the sixth time. Thank you very much,” added the Formula 1 legend.

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