Lauda in intensive care after bout of summer flu

After running our get well soon Niki piece earlier this week, we have learned that Niki Lauda’s condition is far worse than reported with the Formula 1 legend admitted into intensive care to treat a severe case of “summer flu” however, indications are that he is now on the road to recovery.

A severe cough was the apparently the reason why the three times F1 World Champion was not present at the last two races in Hockenheim and Budapest.

Mercedes told GrandPrix247 that “Niki has had a bout of flu and was advised to take some rest by his doctors during the German and Hungarian weekends. We hope to see him back in Spa!”

But reports in Austrian media indicate that the “summer flu” he suffered was far more dramatic than initially revealed. Lauda is said to have contracted the bug during a short vacation in Ibiza, upon which he jetted to Vienna where he was immediately admitted into intensive care at a local hospital where he has been since the end of July.

Speedweek report that summer flu attacks the immune system of the body and because Lauda already suffers from a kidney weakness he is regarded as a high-risk patient.

Additional reports confirm that the Mercedes F1 chairman “is being well looked after” and after 12 days in hospital, he is “almost back to full health, thankfully there were no complications with kidneys and heart ” and could be discharged this week.

A friend of Lauda said, “The doctors say that after this severe flu Niki must stop playing with his health, urging the Austrian to reduce his commitments.”