Hamilton: The sport is going in the wrong direction

Perhaps it was said in the heat of the aftermath of a disappointing Canadian Grand Prix finish for Lewis Hamilton, but the four times Formula 1 World Champion let his guard down and landed blows at the current engine formula and the future of the sport with one punch.

Hamilton, who spent most of the race in Montreal nursing an issue with his Mercedes, wore his heart on his sleeve when he told reporters afterwards, “The sport is going in the wrong direction in my opinion. I have so many different opinions about it.”


“They need to fricking change these bleeding engines to save costs and then they spend more to produce it,” added Hamilton who won three of his four titles in this current turbo hybrid engine era with Mercedes.

This year F1 teams have three power units per driver quota which many expect is going to play havoc, later in the season, when more engine related grid penalties are expected to be taken by hapless drivers.

There is also talk of reducing the quota to two power units per driver, per season in 2019, which does not impress the Briton, “I hope they don’t go to two engines next year because it’s just going to get ridiculous. It was definitely a bit more fun when you had more engines I would say.”

“The fact that a season could sway through reliability, I don’t think anyone wants to see that. I don’t think anyone wants to be cheated of that. You want actual true performance,” lamented Hamilton who lies second in the world championship after round seven in Canada on Sunday.

It was an unexpected outburst by Hamilton.

He and his F1 driver collegaues tend to keep their opinions regarding rules and related matters to themselves – an unwritten agreement of sorts between the drivers and the powers that be not to talk down the sport.

Hamilton was a big opponent of the halo when it first made an appearance. He gradually relented and became a staunch supporter of the cockpit safety system that is now mandatory on F1 cars.

Big Question: Is Formula 1 going in the wrong direction?