Hamilton: Our performance is probably not the greatest

Mercedes have held back their version two 2018 F1 power unit update which was scheduled for the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, prompting their star driver Lewis Hamilton to declare that Ferrari had the upper hand for Montreal.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday after news broke about the quality issue which forced Mercedes to delay the roll-out, Hamilton lamented, “This is a power circuit, so it was our target and it definitely would have been helpful.”


“But the guys worked as hard as they could and had to take a sensible decision to not bring it here, which is definitely unfortunate. We’ll try and make do without. But it will mean our performance is probably not the greatest.”

“If the others are bringing upgrades and have got fresh engines, particularly how close we are, we won’t be in position to fight for the victory. This is a power circuit and there is power lost over an engine [life].”

“All I’m hoping for is reliability. If I’m on the seventh race with a difficult circuit on engines, I want to see it through. That’s my main concern.”

“Naturally I’m still here to win but, as I said, if they’ve got upgrades on their engines, which are going to be a tenth to two tenths. Ferrari are particularly very strong on the straights, it’ll be interesting to see if we are able to match them or not. But we’ll give it everything, that’s for sure.”

The balance of power is evenly balanced at the moment, but when asked if Ferrari had the edge, “Yeah, also particularly if they do bring their upgrade with the engine.”

“It will be the seventh race on the engine. The goal is to make the engine stay the same the whole way through but naturally, it’s degraded and you lose brake horsepower over races.”

“It definitely will have lost performance and so at a power circuit it will probably be magnified,” added the reigning World Champion who leads the championship from Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton will be aiming to equal Michael Schumacher’s record of seven victories at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on race day in Montreal. No driver on the current F1 grid has won the race more than once.