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Max Verstappen

Verstappen: I will know how good the RB14 will be after first day

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has been chilling with his mates in between trips to the Red Bull factory, in Milton Keynes, to stay up to date with developments on the team’s RB14 2018 Formula 1 challenger which he will drive during testing in Barcelona at the end of this month.

The young Dutchman is certain that by the end of Day 1 of testing he will know how good his new car will be, “After the first day definitely. Yes, absolutely.”

“That’s exactly it: normally it gives you an impression of where you are at the beginning of the year. But the most important thing is to test the reliability and to see how the car behaves during the tests.”

Embarking on his fourth season in F1, Verstappen admitted, “You’re a bit more relaxed. You know what to expect. It’s more: go with the flow. Physically you get stronger of course, so you work out harder, but in general, I would say that the preparation is in that respect basically the same.”

As for his downtime, he revealed, “Just being at home, gaming with my friends, going out, eating out. And sleeping – a lot of sleeping!”

At the same time, visits to the factory are frequent during the offseason, “I have spent a great many days there. End of December and beginning of January I was off, but after that, you’re quickly back at work again.”

Ahead of the new season, Verstappen admits he is confident but at the same is cautious, “We still need to of course wait and see how competitive we are with the new car and engine. But being a driver, you always need to have faith in yourself.”