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2017 Underperformer of the Year: Jolyon Palmer

It was a surprise that Jolyon Palmer kept his seat beyond the 2016 Formula 1 season, although dogged by bad luck in 2017 he also he did not deliver at a suitable level and before the end of the season was ousted by Renault.

After a year with journeyman Kevin Magnussen as his teammate, Palmer was up against a more formidable team partner in Nico Hulkenberg and as a result, the Englishman’s shortcomings were made glaringly obvious.

Credit to Renault for persevering as long as they did with him, but finally they ran out of patience and when the opportunity came along to secure Carlos Sainz’s services they did not hesitate to wield the axe.

The Japanese Grand Prix was Palmer’s last race in Formula 1 and it is unlikely that he will be back, but you never know in this sport…

Whatever the case Palmer underperformed enough to disappoint our readers and they voted accordingly.

Interestingly Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen did not impress and in fact was a bigger disappointment, according to our readers, than Daniil Kvyat who got the boot from the Red Bull programme after the United States Grand Prix.

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2017 Awards Notes: The Grand Prix 247 Awards were determined by reader polls which began on 2 December and ran until 8 December. An average of 3000 votes were cast per category, around 42,000 votes were cast in total. Thank you to those who participated.