Sebastian Vettel

Vettel: Congratulations to Lewis today is his day

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel gave it all he could after his race was compromised when he collided into Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes on the opening lap of the Mexican Grand Prix, and with it his slim championship hope disappeared.

He recovered well, but in the end it was a ‘bridge too far’ for the Ferrari driver, whose fourth place was simply not enough to prevent Hamilton claiming his fourth Formula 1 World Championship title.

With only two rounds remaining the score is 333 to Hamilton and 277 for Vettel.

Speaking to reporters after the race, a disconsolate Vettel conceded, “It’s disappointing. It’s not that important what we have done today, it’s more important what Lewis has done and he’s done a superb job all year round and deserves to win the title.”

“But congratulations to Lewis. It’s not about anybody else today. It’s about him. It’s his day.”

Asked if Hamilton was now on a par with him after equaling his four titles, Vettel replied, “He’s on a par [with me] if you can count.”

“I don’t fear him, I like racing with him but I would have liked a little bit more of that this year. Overall they were just the better bunch.”

It was a touching moment in the media pen when Vettel and Hamilton shared a hug and handshake as well as congratulatory words.