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Robert Kubica

Kubica: I have a plan in my head

Robert Kubica

What start off as a feelgood exercise for Robert Kubica, testing a Renault F1 car for the first time since his horrific rally accident, the Pole has now revealed that he is targeting a return to Formula 1.

After the test, in an interview with Eleven Sport, Kubica said of his future F1 plans, “I have a plan in my head. I can write many different scenarios but many things happened in my life during last six years and to be honest many things changed also inside of me.”

“I will be working to reach my targets – targets that I’m able to reach. I will try to make it happen. It’s too early to talk about the future.”

“I don’t know what will happen. I know only one thing and I’m in full control of this. I will be preparing to reach the highest goals. Three months ago my target was to test F1 car and I think I was prepared really good. What is my new target?”

“It would sound stupid if I would say a have no new targets. I got a huge boost after Valencia and my self-confidence is much higher now. I know how my limitations are influencing my driving and that’s a positive aspect. What will the future bring? It’s beyond me.”

Earlier this month Kubica using the team’s 2012 specification, Renault V8 powered E20, at Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo, the venue where he topped the times in testing back in 2011, before the rally accident a week later.

The 2008 Canadian Grand Prix winner completed the 115-lap test, almost three hours in the car, and although no official times were released sources present say the Pole was comfortably quicker than Renault reserve Sergey Sirotkin.

Kubica reflected on his day back in F1, “It was really an emotional moment and I felt like a little boy, like starting from zero. On the other hand I’m older and it’s getting harder to get some sleep than it was 15 years ago.”

“Emotions were on a high level and sensations stayed with me to this point and will stay a little bit longer. To be honest I was working a lot to be prepared and my physical form has never been as good as it is now – even in during the ‘golden times’ of my F1 career.”

“My hard work helped a lot. I was ready for almost everything – many things were beyond my control until that day. It turned out it wasn’t so scary and it was not as far as it might seem before the test.”

In the aftermath of the test, and the performance he delivered on the day, Kubica’s possible return to the F1 grid appears to be a very real possibility, as Renault, who at the time played down the test, were more than impressed.

Renault’s Alan Permane who oversaw the day in Spain said, “I had no doubt on his pace, ever, at all. I did not know, and I don’t think he knew, whether he would be able to drive physically – and, more than that, be able to drive a lot.”

“He was quick. He did some long runs, he did some short runs, he did qualifying, we did race simulations and it all went very well.”

Asked if the Pole had it in him to make a F1 comeback, Permane replied, “From what I’ve seen from the statistics, from the data, the pace is there. That’s for sure. All I would say is on that in Valencia he did a fantastic job.”

“There are many other circuits, and whether he has physical limitations on those, only he knows at the moment. If it needs to go any further, that would be the next step.”

Kubica’s use of his right hand and arm is restricted as a result of the accident in 2011, Permane explained that a cockpit tweak was required, “We just put both upshift and downshift on the same side. It was nothing, it was a small software change for us. And it had no impact at all.”

What was a supposed to be a one time outing, may evolve into more tests with Permane adding, “We’ve still been in touch, we’ve been talking about anything possible we might do in the future. There is nothing else planned, I can say that much at the moment. But I wouldn’t say we won’t do something again in the future.”

Big Question: Can Robert make a successful F1 comeback?