Christian Horner

Horner: Nothing surprises me these days

Christian Horner

Red Bull team chief Christian Horner seems resigned to the fact that Renault (who provide the energy drinks team with TAG Heuer badged power units) are pursuing a path of incremental upgrades to their power unit as opposed to a series of major upgrades.

Horner told the official F1 website, “This is Renault’s decision. We take whatever we can, when we can – for sure we’d rather sooner than later! We knew that Montreal would be tricky and so will be the next two races, Azerbaijan and Austria.”

“We will probably introduce our next engine in Austria and hopefully that will be a bit of a boost as our fuel supplier ExxonMobil did a great job finding performance. In this area there is quite a bit of potential,” explained the Red Bull chief.

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul said recently that no major upgrdaes to their engine would happen this year, instead they are on a path of tweaking what they have throughout the season. Report here>>> 

Although figures are not freely available, it can be said that Renault are lagging behind Ferrari and Mercedes in this area.

Horner acknowledged, “You always try in all areas. I don’t believe that Renault has given up on this year – that’s what they have told us. So we are pushing. For us it doesn’t change anything. We are always pushing hard and it is good to see that the last three races showed good progress.”

When pressed to comment on Renault’s engine strategy, Horner said, “Nothing surprises me these days. You deal with the hand that you’ve got and we will keep on pushing the best we can.”

And added, “As I just said, we are very confident our new partner ExxonMobil will help in performance from that side. And as I said before, the last three races have been promising, so let’s see what Baku holds for us.”

Big Question: Is a Red Bull-Renault meltdown inevitable?

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