Lewis Hamilton Private-jets

Hamilton highest earning race driver in 2017

Lewis Hamilton Private-jets

Forbes magazine have released the list of top earning sportsmen which puts Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton tenth on a the list which is topped by Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the report, triple Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton will bank $46-million in 2017 of which $38-million is his salary and bonuses from Mercedes, with an extra $8-million from personal endorsements.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is 14th on the list, with $38.5-million due his way, with the Maranello team footing $38-million of his salary cheque. The German only has half a million dollars in personal endorsements.

Fernando Alonso, who has yet to score a point this season with McLaren, is 20th on the list and will pocket $36-million, of which the bulk is from his team’s coffers while $2-million will come in from personal deals.

The trio of Formula 1 stars rank well ahead of the next highest paid racing driver, which is Nascar star Jimmie Johnson who is 93rd on the list. He will bank $21.8-million, less than half what Hamilton will earn.

Fellow Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Junior rounds out the top 100 earners with $21.4-million heading his way.

The list of 2017 top earning sportsmen is topped by Portuguese footballer Ronaldo who will earn a whopping $93-million this year.

#1Cristiano Ronaldo$93-million$58-million$35-millionSoccer
#2LeBron James$86.2-million$31.2-million$55-millionBasketball
#3Lionel Messi$80-million$53-million$27-millionSoccer
#4Roger Federer$64-million$6-million$58-millionTennis
#5Kevin Durant$60.6-million$26.6-million$34-millionBasketball
#6Andrew Luck$50-million$47-million$3-millionFootball
#6Rory McIlroy$50-million$16-million$34-millionGolf
#8Stephen Curry$47.3-million$12.3-million$35-millionBasketball
#9James Harden$46.6-million$26.6-million$20-millionBasketball
#10Lewis Hamilton$46-million$38-million$8-millionMotor Racing
#14Sebastian Vettel$38.5-million$38-million$500,000Motor Racing
#20Fernando Alonso$36-million$34-million$2-millionMotor Racing
#93Jimmie Johnson$21.8-million$16.8-million$5-millionMotor Racing
#100Dale Earnhardt, Jr.$21.4-million$13.4-million$8-millionMotor Racing

Source: Forbes magazine