Ecclestone: Mercedes should have helped Ferrari a little more


Mercedes dominance was such, during the first two seasons of the new hybrid turbo power unit era, that it was reported (by us at the time) that the German manufacturer offered technical advice to Ferrari in an effort to  level the playing field.

The world champion team was concerned that the manner they were dominating was having a negative impact not only on their image, but Formula 1 as a whole. It transpired that a week Ferrari team was not good for the sport

In a joint interview with Bernie Ecclestone and Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, the F1 supremo let the cat out the bag by accusing Mercedes of not helping Ferrari enough when they did.

During the interview Ecclestone claimed, “Mercedes helped them, but obviously not enough!”

“Bernie always says that we’ve helped them – but not enough! Of course we didn’t. In the end your success is all about people, isn’t it Bernie? With the right people you get it right,” replied Wolff.

To which Ecclestone retorted, “You really think so? Everything in this business is about rumours. Toto says that Mercedes didn’t help Ferrari, so they didn’t give any help – obviously. Because he is saying the truth.”

“What I am saying is what I have heard. And it’s good that they helped them. I’d say they should have helped them a little more!” insisted the F1 boss.

Ecclestone also revealed that he still resents the fact that Mercedes refused to supply Red Bull with engines when the energy drinks outfit nearly split from Renault and added, “For me still the topic of Mercedes not supplying Red Bull with an engine – we never did, and probably never will agree on that.”

“Yes, I understand the reasons – I would have reacted just like them in their shoes. Toto was in a very difficult position back then, because maybe – in his heart – he would not have minded, but he had to look at what’s the best for his team – and him personally,” added Ecclestone.