2014 F1 Season: Driver helmets

Note: Helmets are subject to change during course of the season

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  • Spartacus

    So can I assume that both McLaren drivers will not be wearing helmets during their races this season???

  • http://www.grandprix247.com GP247

    Shake your head, slap your cheeks and open your eyes…

  • McLarenfan

    I wonder how many special designs we shall see this season and will Sebastian have a solar panel on his head powering some flashing LED lights

  • Tamburello1994

    Or a little propeller. :)

  • McLarenfan

    Newey designed to aid cooling 😉

  • http://fb.com/sinisterteam Felipe Portela

    They look all the same, too much colors and stripes and no personality. Few exceptions…

  • Irvin

    Max Chilton and Nico Hulkenberg are the best.
    The rest is trying too hard to be impressive and ends just being plain ugly.

  • Hawk

    Rosberg, Vettel, Kevin, the Williams, Jules, Kamui, all good. Max too maybe
    the worst the other Nico. the rest.. average to above average

  • Spartacus

    LOL.. My bad.
    Didn’t see them the first time around.

  • Tamburello1994

    Thanks for labeling them because I’d be hard pressed to sort out who’s is who’s.

    Not a remarkable one among them.

  • http://www.gregorsmith.com Gregor Smith

    Hamilton’s used to be nice looking, what happened to that?

  • Jamie Franklin

    Absolutely agree!

  • Mudar Bahri

    Koboyashi’s helmet has some Japanese patterns and a Samurai looking stripes .. and it looks great .. other than this I can’t disagree with you

  • Mudar Bahri

    Is Hamilton trying to look like Optimus Prime?! Calm down on the movies Lewis!