Verstappen: Out of a tough situation we finished second

Verstappen: Out of a tough situation we finished second

Verstappen: Out of a tough situation we finished second

Max Verstappen point out, that despite not having the fastest car in the 2024 British Grand Prix, Red Bull managed to finish on the podium.

Had the race remained a dry one, Verstappen wouldn’t have finished on the podium, as the opening stint on the Medium tyres saw the reigning Formula 1 Champion struggle with tyre degradation.

But then the rain came, and Verstappen timed his pitstop perfectly which meant he was back into podium contention, and when the track dried up, Red Bull timed the second pitstop perfectly as well, and put him on Hard tyres, as opposed to Softs which Mercedes and McLaren used, to ensure the Dutchman can push in the final stint without worrying about his tyres falling off the cliff.


It was a perfect execution that made up for not having the fastest car, as the Mercedes and McLaren cars were superior to Red Bull’s.

In Red Bull’s post race debrief, Verstappen said: “It was difficult today to manage especially with the rain, but looking at pure performance we were too slow in the first stint and overall struggled with tyre degradation.

“At one point it was looking like we might finish P5 or P6, but we made all of the right calls, especially with pitstops, and that put us back into contention,” he pointed out.

The Hard tyre saved Verstappen’s race

“When it started to rain we didn’t want to take too much risk as I was already struggling with grip, and the Team also put the hard tyre on at the end and that definitely saved my race as I was the only one on the hard tyre and was able to really push.

“Out of a tough situation we still finished second, and extended our Championship leads, and that of course is a very strong result for us.

“We’re halfway through the season now and we have a bit of work to do still to finish the season where we want to be,” Verstappen concluded.

Once again, in the other Red Bull car, Sergio Perez had a horrible Sunday afternoon, finishing 17th and one lap behind having started from the pitlane after his team opted to give him a new power unit and make setup changes.

“This is a day to forget, nothing really worked for us, we gambled initially to try and go for it and unfortunately, we didn’t have what we needed today,” Perez commented.

“We took a risk on the intermediate tyre early on, thinking there was going to be more rain, more quickly and it was just too early, we lost a lot of ground and the tyre was completely gone. We were out of position for the whole race, and it was really difficult to manage the race.

“I am very disappointed, but it is time to move forward, I am happy there is a little break now, we need to regroup as a Team and do some important work.

“We need a clean weekend now, a weekend of progression to get back to our rhythm. Hungary and Belgium are weekends where we have to get back to our form,” the Mexican concluded.