Norris: Fed up of saying I should have done better

Norris: Fed up of saying I should have done better

Norris: Fed up of saying I should have done better

Lando Norris was frustrated after missing out on win in the 2024 British Grand Prix, as bad strategy calls from the McLaren pitwall handed the win over to Lewis Hamilton.

The second round of pitstops was crucial for McLaren, but they kept Norris out one lap too long, and then put him on Soft tyres to cover Hamilton who managed to undercut the McLaren driver for the lead.

And while the seven-time Formula 1 Champion was fast on the Soft tyres, Norris wasn’t and was soon caught by Max Verstappen who was flying in Hards having also pitted one lap earlier.


Norris did not hold back while evaluating his race, he told Sky Sports F1: “Lewis was on it, he won the race. It’s not the wrong call but we’re terrible on soft tyres as a team.

“Just because of the car balance and how it works. We’ve always been bad on that kind of tyre, Mercedes have always been very good so I almost had no chance of beating them. I expected to come out ahead of the Mercedes, I didn’t, but even if I came out ahead I wouldn’t have won the race because we were too slow,” he explained.

Norris won his first F1 race in Miami earlier this year, and while he came close to another win since then, he couldn’t repeat that feat, and is not satisfied with podiums anymore.

“I know [it’s a podium at the British GP] but I’m fed up of just saying I should have done better and I should have done this and could have done that, or whatever,” he said.

“I don’t care if it takes time, I don’t want it to take time. I should be doing it now, we should be winning now. I should be making better decisions than what I’m making,” he insisted.

Hats off to Mercedes and Hamilton


Later, in McLaren’s race report, Norris added: “It was a tough race but very enjoyable. A big congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, he executed his race well, so hats off to him and Mercedes.

“It was a lot of fun battling these guys in these conditions, and you’re always on a knife-edge when you’re risking a lot. We did many good things this weekend but there are also lots of things to review.

“This is the place I would love to have everything go perfectly and it just didn’t today – but it is still lovely to be on the podium here at Silverstone. We’ll come back stronger next race and next year and try again,” the Briton concluded.

As for Oscar Piastri, he was also on the receiving end of some questionable McLaren strategy calls, but managed to finish fourth after running as high as first at one point.

Piastri said: “Some good points for the team today but we had some missed opportunities, so it’s hard not to leave a bit frustrated.

“The call to double stack or to stay out is one of the hardest decisions you can make, and unfortunately, we just got it wrong, however we’ll take it back and review to see what we can learn from it.

“Outside of that, we made strong decisions today and it’s encouraging to see we have the pace to be at the front. We’ll take a week to reset ahead of the double-header,” the Australian concluded.