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F1 Celebrities and Their Casino Adventures

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Have you ever walked up to a random stranger asking them the first word that pops into their mind when they hear someone mention Formula 1?

Those who have done so will understand our point easily. But if you haven’t, we went out and did it for you. Some of the answers we received includes; speed, supercars, adrenaline, and skill, to mention a few.

These same qualities are some of the reasons why F1 celebrities find casinos alluring. At a glance, these two worlds might seem contrasting, but the constant adventurous exploration of casinos by F1 racers points to the opposite.


Whether it be at Las Vegas reels or online casinos like bet365 SLO, this world offers some of the best escapades for these celebrities. Keep digging and see our insights.

The Thrill of the Gamble & Casinos

Let’s go ahead and do a deep dive into the relationship between Formula One and gambling. Some of the major connections they share include:

  • Risk taking
  • Need for analysis
  • Fast-paced nature
  • Need for mental fortitude

Success in both spheres hinges on the ability to analyze situations, and a dash of daring. F1 drivers meticulously assess the race track and strategize their overtaking maneuvers. In the same way, gamblers always have to carefully weigh odds and probabilities at the casino table.

Historically, the world of Formula One has seen its fair share of champions who indulged in their love for gambling. Names like Juan Manuel Fangio and Ronnie Peterson were known to frequent casinos during their racing careers.

But if we are being entirely honest, the allure of casinos for F1 personalities isn’t just about the games themselves. The glitz associated with being a high roller complements the glamorous and paparazzi filled lifestyle often associated with Formula One.

Also, locations like Monaco, Singapore and Las Vegas are renowned for hosting prestigious F1 races. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these venues are also known for their luxurious casinos. These cities cater to high rollers, and the presence of Formula 1 celebrities during race weekends can further amplify the buzz around these establishments.

A Spotlight on F1 Personalities

Now, to highlight some of these escapades, we will showcase some of the biggest racers who also happen to be whales at betting establishments.

Lewis Hamilton

If there is any driver we can say has beaten the game of F1, there is no better recipient of this recognition than Lewis Hamilton. He is the most successful driver in the sport’s history. His record breaking number of championship wins is unrivaled.

This awe-inspiring achievement is a result of the dedication he has towards maintaining his fitness levels. He is also widely known for his laser focus during races.

Although Hamilton doesn’t frequent casinos often unlike some of his peers, there are sightings of him at betting institutions. He also once sponsored a huge poker tournament.

Kimi Raikkonen (The Iceman)

Although his racing days are now over, Raikkonen has earned his spot on this list. Nicknamed “The Iceman” for his cool and reserved demeanor, he enjoys gambling. Games with high stakes are particularly his favorite.

Despite his love for wagering, he dislikes the media attention and paparazzi.

Daniel Ricciardo (The Honey Badger)

There cannot be two people who appear to be polar opposites more than Ricciardo and Raikkonen. This is evident in Ricciardo’s flamboyant personality and charisma.

His resilience which he often showcases in races are what earned him the nickname “The Honey Badger”. Unlike Raikkonen also, he gambles for fun and enjoys the social aspect of games like poker and blackjack.

To Daniel, race weekends are for playing cards. His activities allude to the reason for his carefree and entertaining persona.

Fernando Alonso

A two-time World Champion known for his dedication, strategic brilliance, and fierce competitiveness. He prefers to maintain a relatively private life outside of racing. As a result, details about his personal activities, including gambling are scarce.

But, there are still some stories of his gambling adventures that have slipped through the shield. There have been mentions of Alonso visiting casinos occasionally, but the extent of his gambling habits remains unknown.

Wrap Up

So, the next time you witness your favorite F1 driver win a race, don’t be shocked to hear they celebrated the win at a casino. Just picture them unwinding at a casino, chips in hand, testing their luck against the odds. Just remember, whether it’s on the track or at the blackjack table, responsible gambling is always the key!