Briatore: I'm a genius in Formula 1!

Briatore: I’m a genius in Formula 1!

Briatore: I'm a genius in Formula 1!

Formula 1 super-cheat Flavio Briatore spoke about the reasons of his return as advisor for Alpine, bragging he was a genius in the sport.

After being banned from F1, Briatore, the person behind one of the biggest scandals in the history of F1, the 2008 Singapore GP crashgate, returned with Alpine as if nothing happened, but then again, one cannot be surprised as his partner in crime Pat Symonds has been calling the shots on the technical side of the sport for years now.

Briatore spoke to Canal+ after his appointment explaining the conditions that brought about his return with Alpine, he said: “It’s not something that came out last night, we’ve been talking for months.


“I have a great feeling with Luca [de Meo], I really think he’s a genius. The only part [where they lack something] is Formula 1, and I think I’m a genius in Formula 1! We’ve found each other again.

“I come in when needed. My role is simple,” he said of his job description. “I report to the Chairman, and then, together, we make decisions.

“It’s a very important role because I work directly with the chairman of the company, the Renault group, and then I have to work with everyone at Alpine, which means with Bruno [Famin], the new technical director, everyone. I deal with a little bit of everything,” the Italian explained.

Quizzed about his qualifications for the job having been without an active role for over 15 years, Briatore told the interviewer: “I think you’re less active than I am!

“I’ve stayed in Formula 1, I’m a Formula 1 ambassador, I see all the races. What I’m going to bring is the culture of winning, the ‘racing spirit’. That’s what enabled me to win with Renault and with Benetton. It’s always the same, it’s the people who make the team.

“The technology has changed, but it’s the people who make the team. All together, we have to be convinced that we can do it, that in two years’ time, Alpine can be in the top 4,” he insisted.

Alpine need to be a high-performance team

When asked about the weakness he needs to address, the new Alpine advisor refused to pinpoint a certain problem, insisting the team’s overall performance needs to improve.

“We have to be a competitive team,” he said. “I don’t want to talk about the engine or anything else. The mandate I have from the president is to have a high-performance team. After that, we’ll choose what’s best for the team, what’s best for Renault, but right now, that’s not an objective that’s taking up a lot of space.”

Alpine’s driver lineup for the 2025 F1 season is yet to be confirmed, as they announced that Esteban Ocon will be leaving at the end of 2024, while Pierre Gasly’s contract also runs out at the end of this season, although he is expected to carry own.

“That’s another problem that isn’t one at the moment,” Briatore responded when asked about the team’s driver decision for 2025.

“The problem is to have a high-performance car, and then the driver will come along. At the moment, I think Gasly can do the job well. Maybe we’ll put a young driver in with him, or an older one.

“But that’s not the priority. At the moment, the priority is really to have a competitive car and I hope that already next year, we’ll be on the way to doing well,” Briatore concluded.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier)