Famin on Briatore: I don't mind about the past

Famin on Briatore: I don’t mind about the past

Famin on Briatore: I don't mind about the past

Bruno Famin, Alpine’s Team Principal, shrugged off concerns after Formula 1 super-cheat Flavio Briatore was appointed as executive advisor to the team.

Alpine-Renault seem to be in denial when it comes to Briatore’s discreditable history in F1 following the 2008 Singapore GP crashgate, where the Italian – then Renault’s F1 boss – instructed Nelson Piquet Jr to crash on purpose and cause a Safety Car period to give a chance for Fernando Alonso to win the race, something the Spaniard managed to do.

Although Briatore managed to overturn the life ban imposed on him, there is no hiding that F1 is welcoming back a cheat, whose actions have had negative implications on the sport and its stakeholders, an action which is even worse in a time when everyone in F1 and outside it are always calling for transparency and integrity.


Speaking in the F1 team bosses press conference in Barcelona, Famin was asked whether he minded having a person with a shady history like Briatore giving advice to the team.

Famin bluntly said: “I don’t really mind about the past. I’m always looking about future and trying what we can get and to get our team better.

“And that’s really our goal. And what I see with having Flavio as an advisor of the team is the opportunity to have his experience and to help us. He has a very high-level knowledge of Formula 1.

“He knows a lot of people. And I’m sure he will support us in developing the team faster and better. That’s all,” the Frenchman insisted.

And when it was brought to his attention that Briatore did not even apologize, Famin played that down saying: “I’m looking ahead, not backward.”

Briatore is an asset for Alpine to exploit

The grilling went on in the press conference and Famin was asked what hiring Briatore said about the culture of Renault and Alpine F1 Team.

However the Alpine boss remained in denial, simplifying matters, and insisting Briatore was just another asset at his team’s proposal.

Famin said: “There is a very clear goal to improve the competitiveness of the team as soon as possible and as fast as possible. And we are looking for strong support.

“We are very happy to have received, again, David Sanchez, technical director. Very good opportunity. We have been able to seize it very quickly. And same thing for Flavio, I think the target is to make the team better as soon as possible and counting on the knowledge, the network, the influence of Flavio with us, it’s an asset.

“And we are using all available assets and we will still look for new assets to make the team stronger,” Famin concluded.

Time will tell if Briatore will be a long term hire for Alpine, or whether he will be another one of many “advisors” that have been in and out of Enstone’s revolving door.