sainz williams sargeant f1 2025 silly season

Vowles: Williams need more from Sargeant, Sainz #1 target

Vowles: We need more from Sargeant, Sainz #1 target for Williams sainz williams sargeant f1 2025 silly season

Williams F1 Team boss James Vowles admits that the team need more for Logan Sargeant to retain his seat while revealing why Carlos Sainz is top of the list to drive for the Grove outfit in 2025.

It has been clear for some time that 23-year-old Sargeant is no fit for Formula 1. Demolished relentlessly by Alex Albon, in an era where almost mistake-free Max Verstappen is the benchmark, the Dutchman only a couple of years older tan the American

If a F1 driver crashes during a session, notably during Grand Prix races, it will inevitably be hapless Sargeant who, 30 races into his F1 career, has not improved at the rate of, for example, McLaren’s Oscar Piastri who last year like the Williams driver was a rookie. The gulf between the pair is unsurmountable.


And while Albon is a revitalised driver, it remains on his record that Verstappen made him look bad and was thus sent packing after 26 races with the Red Bull team. And while the Thai driver has surely improved since 2019 when teamed up with Max, make no mistake so has the Dutchman.

In other words, Sargeant should be running Albon close, beating him on occasions too but that has not happened and is unlikely to happen. Consistency, and finishing races with controlled speed are key factors for a race driver. In F1, where there is nowhere to hide, even more so.

Sargeant might’ve been ousted from the team last year, but Vowles kept the faith for some reason and kept his seat with Williams this year.

Sargeant is one of the worst-performing F1 drivers of this century

crash Vowles: We need more from Sargeant, Sainz #1 target for Williams

During the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, where Sargeant’s race ended in the barrier on the exit of Turn 4 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Vowles told reporters: “I think there’s no doubt, second year of running, and you are now seeing the confidence start to build as a result of it, and there is performance there.

“We also haven’t had the cars in the same spec for a period of time. Some of that’s still due to the earlier damage that we’re building up to, some of that is because we pulled forward upgrades, and there was simply not enough to put across two cars.

“He is continuously evolving as an individual, as I hope he would be in that circumstance. Is he where I need him to be target-wise? And that’s the big question of things. We need more from him, really, to be able to save his seat in that sort of circumstance,” explained Vowles.

Williams, under the Englishman’s watch, is bullish, coveting Adrian Newey publically. Ditto with Carlos Sainz, the driver Ferrari ditched to make room for Lewis Hamilton to join Charles Leclerc at Maranello.

Sainz has options, but none with one of the big three or four teams. So he is looking around, as is Vowles who said of the Spaniard: “He’s a race-winning driver that last year against all odds beat Max in Singapore with a brilliant drive, and that’s not the first time. He’s intelligent how he approaches things, logical, incredibly quick.”

Vowles: Any F1 team would be fortunate to have someone like Carlos

Sainz: I dedicate 24 hours a day for seven days to recovery

Vowles recalled: “What he did this year in Shanghai… It’s going to sound like a negative, it’s not… In qualifying he crashed and we’ve all been there to a certain extent. It’s an impressive athlete that can reset themselves, go back out and then beat your teammate in that condition.

“I think that shows you just how strong he is as a driver, and I think any team on the grid would be fortunate to have someone like Carlos alongside them. That bit I can say. The number one target is Carlos,” declared Vowles.

Many believe the problem with F1 is drivers like Sargeant, before him Nicolas Latifi and currently Lance Stroll is in the same boat. Too much money but not enough talent for F1. And the ‘crime’ of denying true talent a chance in the top flight.

One could argue that Sargeant is one of the worst F1 drivers of this century. It’s hard to think back on one who kept his drive for so long, without beating his teammate once in 31 Qualifying sessions they have contested in the same team. That’s the score: 31-0 to Albon!

As for Sainz… Dropping from Ferrari to Williams will hurt. So will a move to Stake F1 Team Sauber for 2025 while they mark time to become Audi in 2026. Nico Hulkenberg is on that path. Ironically, 29-year-old Carlos has few better options as the ‘doors are closed’ at Ferrari, of course, as well as at Red Bull and McLaren.

Mercedes have tunnel vision regarding teenager Kimi Antonelli who is favoured to partner Russell. Although there is an option to place the young Italian at Williams for his induction into F1. Whereupon Sainz may be the best option for a stop-gap year for Toto Wolff’s team. Much the same route that George took. (Quotes from Agnes Carlier in Montreal)

Big Question: What’s the point of Williams persisting with Logan Sargeant in F1?