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Spanish Grand Prix: Several F1 teams bringing upgrades

2020 formula 1 testing barcelona f1-001

For several Formula 1 teams, the Canadian Grand Prix was a weekend to forget. As usual, Max Verstappen captured first place while five drivers failed to finish, more than in any other race this season. That means it’ll be back to the drawing board for the rest.

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In the days following the race in Montreal, there are reports of multiple teams planning upgrades in hopes of turning the tide ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix on June 23.


Not surprisingly, Ferrari is the team with some of the loudest whispers about improvements. Both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were eliminated in Q2, resulting in a disappointing qualifying session for the Ferrari team in Montreal.

Such a result was even more disappointing after Leclerc took the checkered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix just two weeks earlier for his second victory of the season. While some teams might chalk up the Canadian Grand Prix to a little bad luck and an isolated incident, Ferrari is taking a different approach.

Ferrari fast-tracking upgrades for Spain after Canada flop

Ferrari rue a Canadian GP to forget

Reports out of Italy suggest that Ferrari is trying to speed up planned upgrades in order to be ready for the Spanish Grand Prix. New parts designed to improve speed were expected to be in place for the July 7 British Grand Prix.

But rather than waiting two more races, Ferrari is hoping to complete those upgrades immediately and roll them out in Barcelona. It seems that a double elimination led to enough frustration within the team that Ferrari decided not to wait two more races to make improvements.

Andrea Stella, the principal of McLaren, has also teased the possibility of upgrades prior to the June 23 race in Barcelona. Unlike Ferrari, the McLaren team is not trying to recover quickly from a disappointing race in Montreal.

Lando Norris finished second behind Verstappen in the Canadian Grand Prix, giving him a first or second-place finish in four of the last five races, including his victory in Miami. His McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri finished fifth in Montreal, following up his second-place finish to Leclerc in Monaco.

McLaren seeking wins every weekend with current package

Norris-Miami-5-2024 spanish grand prix

However, the attitude of the McLaren team is not one of joy but rather of a missed opportunity. After all, Norris was briefly in the lead and had some nice maneuvering to hold onto a second-place finish. However, Stella insinuated after the race that Norris was driving a slower car than some of his competitors, indicating upgrades are necessary for the team to continue to reach the post-race podium.

“We ideally should make the car a little bit faster, and then be in condition to chase the victory independent of the conditions on track or the track characteristics because we have to say that when we were in dry conditions, Mercedes was faster than us,” Stella said after the Canadian Grand Prix.

Stella also made it clear there would be upgrades prior to the Spanish Grand Prix. However, he said those improvements would be “individual components” rather than a large-scale upgrade. Also, those changes might not happen in time for the Spanish Grand Prix but could be rolled out over the next several races.

The hope is that Norris and Piastri can continue to be competitive with their driving skills while also getting a boost from having a stronger car.

Are Mercedes back after potent Canadian GP showing?

Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday - Wolfgang Wilhelm

The Mercedes team is also talking about upgrades heading into the Spanish Grand Prix. The tandem of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished third and fourth, respectively, in Montreal this past weekend. That put Mercedes on the podium for the first time this season.

However, since Russell had pole position and Hamilton had the fastest lap, the pair both finishing in the top four could still be considered a disappointment.

Of course, Mercedes has been trying to make upgrades all season long. Most notably, the front wing of the W15 was new prior to the Monaco Grand Prix. The team is happy with the progress that has been made thus far.

However, Mercedes principal Toto Wolff says that more new parts are coming before the race in Barcelona. The catch is those parts are not necessarily going to be visible from the outside.

“Sometimes when you bring a highly-visible part like a bodywork or front wing, this is pretty much the talk of what has changed the performance,” Wolff said.

“But the truth is we have, over the last three races, brought so many new parts, visible and invisible to the eye, that have contributed milliseconds to more performance. I think this is where those marginal gains then have that positive effect.”

What impact the changes by Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes will have on the Spanish Grand Prix remains to be seen. Stay tuned!