Verstappen: We can solve kerb issue without influencing other parts of car

Verstappen: We can solve kerb issue

Verstappen: We can solve kerb issue without influencing other parts of car

Max Verstappen insisted, after the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix, that fixing his Red Bull RB20’s kerb riding issues can be done without affecting the car’s performance.

One of the secrets for Red Bull’s dominance in the ground effect era was their suspension design that made sure their cars’ aerodynamic platforms were stable enough to extract the maximum downforce from the floor. While they struggled with slow circuits like Monaco and Singapore before, especially when kerbs needed to be used to extract lap time, their problems were magnified in 2024 due to McLaren and Ferrari catching up with them.

Verstappen won the latest race in Canada, and while he was feeling “okay” in his RB20 when the conditions were wet and the drivers kept off the kerbs to avoid crashing. However, the nasty kerb problem came back once the track dried and the Dutchman had to start hitting those kerbs.


However, in the post-race press conference, Verstappen was asked whether the RB20’s suspension problem can be sorted out without affecting its overall performance.

The triple Formula 1 Champion said: “I really think that we can solve this [kerb riding issue] without influencing any other part of the car.

“Today [Sunday in Canada], it’s more like what kerb riding, because I felt that was non-existent in the race. We know that this is a weakness and I also know that we are flat out working on it to try and fix it, because I really feel like it’s quite a big performance limitation for us at the moment.

“Then, of course, naturally, I’m also looking forward to some tracks maybe where we don’t really need to take too many kerbs or too many bumps. You can see already, every weekend so far, some teams are a bit stronger at particular tracks, and I guess that in a way, of course, makes it also very exciting,” Verstappen explained.

Quizzed how he felt about rivals edging closer to Red Bull, the reigning F1 Champion said: “It’s definitely more challenging. And I think also with, of course, how the race was today, it was very exciting in general. And it definitely keeps us on our toes.

“We cannot afford to make mistakes or tiny mistakes anymore. So, yeah, every little detail matters now,” he concluded.

The whole thing has to work in tandem

Speaking to the media after the Canadian GP, including GrandPrix247, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner explained the suspension issue of the RB20.

Asked if the problem can be fixed without affecting the RB20’s aerodynamics, Horner responded: “All of it has to work in tandem, so you are pushing the aerodynamic platform of the car, but you want the car to ride kerbs.

“What was encouraging was that our sector three this weekend [Canada] was competitive, even with the stiffness of the car rattling over that last chicane.

“If you look throughout the running, we were very competitive there. So, despite it being uncomfortable, we were still able to be quick enough. I think there is genuine performance there so if we can unlock that, then we will see it free up lap time,” Horner insisted.

As for Verstappen’s comment over the radio about the suspension “feeling locked” Horner explained: “I think what he was referring to is the car is pretty stiff and, as the circuit dries out, the car is just going that bit quicker, and they are starting to use kerbs.

“But we understand what our issues are, and it was a great recovery from Monaco a couple of weeks ago. To win a race like that was a very rewarding and big one to win,” the Briton concluded. (Additional reporting from Montreal by Agnes Carlier)