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Le Mans 24 Hours: Ready to Rumble as an epic race looms

le mans porsche

Ready to Rumble! The 92nd 24 Hours of Le Mans, the fourth round of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) gets underway at 16h00 today, and a humdinger of a race is on the cards.

Official starter Zinedine Zidane will wave the French flag, unleashing the field for the 24-hour race with Ferrari, Toyota, Porsche, Cadillac, Peugeot, Alpine, Lamborghini, BMW and Isotta Fraschini all vying for the greatest win in sportscar enfdurance racing


Prior to the official start at 16:00, there are a series of rituals. The cars line up diagonally, a helicopter delivers the French flag, there is a stirring rendition of the French national anthem – the Marseillaise – with the crowd joining in, and the Patrouille de France aerobatics team performs a flypast.


As the minutes tick by, the tension rises among the drivers. When the race director gives the nod to release the 62 cars, the adrenalin really kicks in and the competitors embark on a relentless 24-hour battle.

Before the start of the race, the cars benefit from the Warm-up, a final track session to ensure they’re well and truly ready. During this 15 minutes’ free practice, the cars are fine tuned for the 24 hours adventure

24 Hours of off-track entertainment and shows

During last year’s Centenary event, spectators were wowed by the fireworks and drone display and now the show is back with a new story to tell – the rivalry between the big manufacturers. Electro duo Synapson will provide the musical backdrop to the spectacular show that combines drones, light, video and pyrotechnics Performing live for the occasion, Simple Minds will be entertaining with their carchy and unforgettable songs. No Money Kids are also on the bill for the concert which begins 20h00 local time.

Saturday 15 June 2024 schedule

  • 10:00-10.55: Race 2, Road To Le Mans
  • 12.00-12.15: 24 Hours of Le Mans warm-up
  • 13:35-15:00: Gridwalk
  • 15.30-15.50: Official starting ceremony
  • 16:00: Start of the 92nd 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • 20:00-23:55: Concerts by No Money Kids and Simple Minds
  • 23:20-00:30: 24 Hours of Le Mans Show

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