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Villeneuve: Haas bring nothing to F1, Gene should sell to Andretti

Villeneuve: Haas bring nothing to F1, Gene should sell to Andretti haas f1 team schumacher magnussen

Jacques Villeneuve claims that “no image” Haas F1 Team “bring nothing to  Formula 1” and suggests that American owner Gene Haas sell out to Andretti Global.

Michael and Mario Andretti’s bid to become the 11th team on the grid has all but imploded as the FIA did a turnaround in opinion after nearly creating a civil war between motorsport’s governing body and its President Mohammed Ben Sulayem versus Liberty Media and the ten current teams.

But Ben Sulayem barked louder than his bite as he now cosies up like a lap dog to his former ‘enemies’ including F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. What was once an “offer F1 could not refuse” according to the FIA chief became an offer they did refuse.


Ben Sulayem’s about-face included a suggestion that Andretti buy an existing F1 operation. But there are no ‘For Sale’ signs up as teams are not selling as their values rocket.

Clearly revved up for the forthcoming Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, on a circuit named after his father, the late great F1 legend Gilles Villeneuve, 1997 F1 World Champion Jacques ventured: Right now there’s a couple of teams like Haas that bring nothing to F1.

“It has no image. For everyone in the industry, it is much better to have Haas replaced by another name. Why have an eleventh team when maybe someone could buy Gene’s team and rebrand it with a better name? If someone buys Haas at a stupid price that gives huge value to everyone.

“An eleventh team would just dilute the value. You don’t have to look any further than that. It’s business,” said Villeneuve of why the Andretti bid was rejected, despite the fact the FIA, as F1’s governing body, can boost the grid to 12 teams should they wish to do so.

Jacques: Audi spent a lot of money to buy Sauber

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Sauber aka Stake F1 Team will morph into Audi in 2026, the German auto manufacturer opting to buy an existing team to facilitate their first foray in the top flight, in the wake of years of dominating endurance sportscar racing.

The 53-year-old continued: “Audi spent a lot of money to buy Sauber and that has brought value. Haas being replaced by a brand name is a bonus for the whole paddock.”

F1 teams led by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff questioned what value an 11th team would bring to F1. While some believe the Andretti brand backed by General Motors is the recipe.

But Villeneuve suggests otherwise: Andretti is a great name but it is not enough on its own. If they’re running last no-one will care who he is. It is a name from the past in the States.

“Take it out of the industry and the States, nobody knows it. It is part of F1 history, it’s not part of the modern sport. 20-year-old F1 fans probably wouldn’t know who he is and right now the US has three Grand Prixs. An extra American name won’t bring anything,” declared Villeneuve.

The Canadian will be on duty for Sky F1 throughout the weekend in Montreal, which will make for great soundbites from the F1 World Champ who is not shy to call it as he sees it, without the rose-tinted glasses and political correctness that prevails among pundits. (JV Quotes provided by the media team at Best Payout Online Slots)

Big Question: Should Gene Haas sell his Formula 1 Team to Andretti Global?