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Villeneuve says Magnussen deserves race ban for Monaco shunt

crash monaco grand prix big accident perez magnussen hulkenberg f1 Villeneuve says Magnussen deserves race ban for Monaco shunt

“Too many Formula 1 drivers like Kevin Magnussen and Esteban Ocon have zero common sense and zero race-craft,” says Jacques Villeneuve, slamming the pair for their Monaco Grand Prix shenanigans and calling for the Haas driver to get a race ban.

Ocon senselessly punted teammate Pierre Gasly on the opening lap of the race. No surprise Alpine have decided not to his contract. Magnussen was equal villain in a collision with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, also on the fraught first half lap or so.

Both veterans Perez and Magnussen might have avoided the contact that resulted in multi-million dollars of damage and further sullied their respective reputations entrenching them as journeymen even further. The incident also wrecked Nico Hulkenberg’s race and his Haas


While acknowledging that both drivers could have avoided the clash, Villeneuve added: “Especially with Kevin Magnussen, there is something wrong and there is more and more of it in F1. You see drivers with zero race craft, zero common sense, or no understanding of what is actually going on. There is an absence of logic on what is happening on the race track. They have no spatial awareness.

“You learn these things in Formula 4 and Formula 3. You don’t even move up if you don’t get it by then. This issue stems from that. They are not taught in the smaller formulas. You wonder in those categories where the marshals are, where are the rulings that need to be made. You see some crazy stuff,” reckoned Villeneuve.

Villeneuve: What was Magnussen thinking?

Villeneuve says Magnussen deserves race ban for Monaco shunt

“Kevin has been around for a long time,” Jacques recalled. “The driver in front, in this instance Sergio Perez, won’t be looking in his mirror. You give a quick glimpse, see the guy is not next to you and even if he is getting close, you take your line.

“When you are the guy behind, you are the one supposed to understand what is happening in front of you and to be able to judge what will happen. There was obviously no room and a massive crash happened. Then, when he gets out of the car, Magnussen says: ‘He should have given me space.’ We have always been taught that the driver behind is responsible.

“The way the rule is written is also a problem. It is written badly. It says the guy in front has to leave room when it should say the guy in front is not allowed to run someone off the track. It is not the same thing.

“Leaving room means you are driving looking in your mirror and in effect saying: ‘Please go here. I have got to give you space.’ That is not what it is supposed to be.”

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Villeneuve ventured: “Whereas if the rule was, you are not allowed to push someone off the track would mean you are not allowed to look in your mirror and squeeze someone else on purpose. It is a fine line. The rule is written giving the responsibility to the guy in front, which is madness, complete madness.

“If you want to go side by side you have to be side by side, not your front wing near the rear wheels. What is that all about? The fact is, Magnussen did not get out of the car and say ’Oops sorry, I completely messed up.‘ Instead, he suggested it should have been the other way.

“Excuse me? What planet are we living on? The utter lack of comprehension on Magnussen’s part befuddles me. We are in F1 here, not Formula 4 where a 15-year-old might not have that understanding yet.

“And the fact he was not even penalised shows that the system is not neutral. “If he had been penalised he would have been banned for one race. They decided not to. Why have the rule in place? It was massive. It was dangerous. It was ridiculous.

“He was 17th and 18th or something. He was not even going for the lead. Come on. First lap and you cannot even judge that. It is mad,” declared Villeneuve 1997 F1 World Champion.

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Weighing on on the Ocon saga, Villeneuve continued: “It’s not the first time he has done that. It was overly aggressive even if it had not been between teammates. The overtaking manoeuvre worked. It was very aggressive and ballsy. But then instead of leaving enough room on the outside, Ocon drove as if nobody was there. What was Gasly supposed to do?

“It goes in the same category as the Magnussen incident. Where is the comprehension, race craft, logic, spatial awareness? It is not the first time we have found Ocon in these situations. There are more and more drivers in that spectrum that get to F1. They are quick but all that space awareness and race craft is nowhere. It is crazy. We are talking about the top level of F1.

“It took the team to get angry for Ocon to apologise and that was on social media. Not even through the press. He was full of excuses, it‘s racing, the adrenaline. He was trying to find excuses when there weren’t any. No valid explanation. If he had just said: ‘I really messed up and went over the top’ that would have been easy.”

“Drivers today think they are playing a video game. Does this come from doing too much on the gaming simulators? It is different on the racetrack,” stated Villeneuve, with what could be a not-so-veiled warning that motorsport can still kill. (Quotes supplied by the Media Team at Best Online Poker Sites)

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