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Marko: Perez crash will cost Red Bull €2 or €3-million

Marko: Perez crash will cost Red Bull €2 or €3-million

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko did the maths after Sergio Perez’s massive shunt on the opening lap of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix and concluded the incident would cost the World Champions €2 or €3-million.

It was a big one, avoidable if not for the simultaneous double brain-fade of two Formula 1 veterans. From near the back of the grid in the Red Bull RB20 (!!!) Perez foolishly squeezed Kevin Magnussen’s Haas into the barrier, while the Dane kept his heavy foot down to go for an ever-diminishing gap.

The result of the brain’s switching off at the same time is well documented on TV. Nico Hulkenberg was also eliminated on the spot. With nowhere to go for his Haas while in front of him his rivals destroyed each, less than half a km from the start line.


In his Monaco GP summary for Speedweek, Marko predicted the ‘invoice’ for damage to the #11 RB20: “Sergio Pérez had an expensive crash on the first lap. It cost us between two and three million euros. This is a serious disadvantage due to the budget cap. This type of damage affects the development budget.

“We also don’t yet know what the gearbox and engine will look like, so the crash could also result in additional penalties if we have to exceed the permitted quota.”

As for the incident itself, Marko reckoned: “Pérez was on the racing line, Magnussen was optimistic, but we have to accept it, the risk of such accidents is there and we have to bear the costs.”

After a dull Monaco Grand Prix, which featured one overtake and that was for backmarker positions. Among the top ten scoring positions, they all ended the 78-lap race as they started.

Marko: At Red Bull have had our Ocon-Gasly ‘famous’ moments too

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Before the Monaco Grand Procession, there was a first part of the 2024 Monaco GP that over-delivered on ‘action’ and drama. The one where not only Perez and Magnussen lost their minds, but also when Alpine’s Esteban Ocon mindlessly punted teammate Pierre Gasly as they entered the tunnel.

As Karma would have it for such another massive brain-fade moment at the highest level, Ocon’s waywardness ended his race on the spot. Gasly miraculously did not suffer damage and managed to hold station in P10 all race long to claim the final point on the day. It was a sorry saga at a sorry Alpine F1 Team.

Marko gave his view on the Ocon-Gasly incident: “Another accident on the first lap that caused discussion was the crash between the two Alpine teammates Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

“We had this happen twice at Red Bull Racing, when teammates got in each other’s way, once in 2018 with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen in Baku, and once with Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel in 2010 in Turkey.

“In both cases, we called both drivers into the company and discussed it openly with them and made it clear to them that such collisions with teammates are simply not acceptable. Ricciardo left us at the end of the season and with Webber there were no more such incidents; they accepted that it was not acceptable,” recalled Marko.

As for apportioning blame on Ocon, which most have, Marko was wary: “It’s difficult to implement measures in such a case because you would have to be able to prove that there was clear intent, and that is not the case.

“The driver then says that he misjudged the situation, and that means that there is no longer any intent. The problem with Alpine, however, is that it was not the first time, and I think that makes things even more difficult,” ventured the former F1 driver and Le Mans winner.