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NewsDesk Unplugged: #MonacoGP: A FeelGood & FeelBad Day

GRANDPRIX247 editorial duo Paul Velasco and Jad Mallak discuss Formula 1 talking points after the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc wins, Esteban Ocon sins, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen bin it big time.

A procession rather than a race which Charles Leclerc won on home soil. Rightfully so as the local hero was fastest around the tricky and unforgiving streets of Monte-Carlo all weekend long.

P1 was much anticipated and popular one for Leclerc and Ferrari. The Reds under Fred Vasseur are becoming a formidable force on a regular basis as are McLaren. The two teams appear to have closed the gap on Red Bull, although one race – Monaco – does not a season maketh…


The Prince of the Principality becoming the King of Monaco was the Feelgood story of the 81st edition of F1’s Crown Jewel race. The first of the Feelbad stories was the fact that there was one overtake all race long, and not for points.

The top ten remained as they started the race. Driving perfection by the points scorers, tip-top strategy and pit stops, coupled to bullet-proof cars ill-suited to narrow street racing turned the race into a stalemate.

The second race that is. The first one lapper was the other FeelBad story. Paul & Jad discuss the massive crash between Red Bull’s Sergio Perez starting down in P18 in Red Bull (!!!) crashing with the Haas of Kevin Magnussen. It was a big one, and only the safest cars in the history of F1 prevented a tragedy on the day.

But further damage was done to the reputations of two veteran F1 journeymen who should know a whole lot better. And a shout out to Nico Hulkenberg, the Haas driver an innocent bystander with nowhere to escape the foolish shenanigans of the two fools ahead of him.

Finally, the other FeelVeryBad story were the antics of Alpine’s Esteba Ocon whose maliciousness got the better of him when he punted teammate Pierre Gasly.

The biggest talking points from Monaco are analysed and dissected by Paul & Jad in this episode. Enjoy!
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