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Herbert blasts “shameful” Die Aktuelle for Schumacher AI interview

Michael+Schumacher+die aktuelle fake interview f1

The Die Aktuell editorial team, who thought it a good idea to publish an AI-generated (aka fake) interview with out-of-sight Michael Schumacher, should hang their heads in shame for their role in the saga says Johnny Herbert.

Last week, ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, a judge ordered Die Aktuelle to pay the Schumacher family €200,000 in compensation for the distress caused by the fake interview.

Speaking to the media team at Offshore Poker Sites, F1 winner Herbert did not mince his words: “Die Aktuelle should hang heads in shame over Schumacher ‘AI interview’, Michael and Corinna will be upset but €200,000 compensation is a big result.

“The ruling is a great decision that has gone in favour of the Schumacher family. But it should never have got this far, and I think it just shows that the technology of AI has got a lot of good things, but there are a lot of bad things people are very willing to use to earn a little bit more money.

“I think the magazine and other magazines should be aware that this is something that should never, ever be done again. Whoever it was within the magazine who allowed the interview to happen, I hope they hang their head in shame.”

Herbert: It should never have been allowed to happen

Johnny Herbert exklusiv: Michael Schumacher sitzt fast 10 Jahre nach dem tragischen Ski-Unfall wieder am Esstisch, sagen die Formel-1-Verantwortlichen -

Michael Schumacher’s condition, since his near-fatal skiing accident in December 2013, has been fiercely protected by the family led by his wife Corinna. For over a decade, no one but the family and their inner-circle have had access to the F1 legend who reportedly requires 24/7 care and wheel-chair bound.

Herbert, who spent 1995 at Benetton as Schumacher’s teammate, continued: “It’s something Michael would have been very upset about and Corinna, his wife, equally would have been so angry with this being allowed to come out. But it’s a really good result for the Schumacher family after the ruling.

I really feel sorry for Corinna and the family because this would have caused a lot of hurt and stress. What a horrible situation that would have been for the Schumacher family to have woken up to. An interview with the face of Michael splashed on the cover, the ‘first interview’, and it’s not real, it’s an AI technology.

“It’s just horrible for the family. It should never have been allowed to happen. The magazine should never have done it,” insisted Herbert.

Die Aktuelle Editor-in-Chief Anne Hoffmann was fired after publishing the fake AI-generated Michael Schumacher interview. The magazine ran with the headline: “Michael Schumacher. The first interview. A worldwide sensation.”

The state of 55-year-old Michael was best summed up by his former manager at Ferrari and great friend Jean Todt: “Michael is here, so I don’t miss him. (But he) is simply not the Michael he used to be. He is different and is wonderfully guided by his wife and children who protect him.”

The Legend’s brother, Ralf Schumacher, is on the record telling Bild: “His life is not like it used to be. Life is sometimes unfair. Michael had often been lucky in his life, but then came this tragic accident. Thank goodness we were able to do a lot thanks to modern medical possibilities, but still nothing is like it used to be.”