Magnussen: I can't just disappear out of the blue

Magnussen: I can’t just disappear out of the blue

Magnussen: I can't just disappear out of the blue

Kevin Magnussen was adamant, after his massive shunt in the 2024 Monaco GP with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, that the Mexican did not leave him any space.

With Lap 1 of the Formula 1 race around the Mediterranean Principality still not completed, Magnussen and Perez got tangled up on their way uphill into Turn 3, the pair also collecting a hapless Nico Hulkenberg and taking him out of the race as well.

Magnussen has been under the spotlight recently, for the wrong reason, for his questionable driving and is only two penalty points away from a race ban, and many felt he was at fault in the incident with Perez, something the racing stewards disagreed with, rightfully deeming the accident a racing incident taking no further action against any of the parties involved.

Post race, Perez and Magnussen were naturally trading blows both insisting they did not do anything wrong, the Red Bull driver blasting his rival insisting the “move was unnecessary” insisting he could not see the Dane in his mirrors saying: “You can see that from my on board.”

Well the onboard showed that Perez actually looked in his mirrors before the crash and should’ve seen Magnussen – infamous for not backing off when he should – but in the end they crashed, the only positive being that no one was hurt.

Speaking in Haas’ Monaco GP race report, Magnussen fired back, he said: “I was with my front [tyres] alongside Perez’s rear from the exit of Turn 1, in the run up to Turn 3.

“He goes towards the wall, the wall comes back a little bit towards the track, and I had nowhere to go. I don’t know if he didn’t see me, but I can’t just disappear out of the blue, so I made contact with the wall and him at the same time, and we crashed.

“It’s frustrating and a crash like this has a big cost for the team in terms of spare parts and making new parts, as well as a lot of work for the team, it’s just never good,” Magnussen lamented.

Hulkenberg: Perez could’ve also seen him and left room

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Hulkenberg, backed his teammate, claiming Perez should have left more space, he added: “I’m disappointed and a bit gutted to be honest to be out after 500 meters.

“It’s obviously far from ideal having both cars out, and I got taken out by an incident which I wasn’t directly involved in. Obviously, it’s quite narrow here going up to Turn 3. It’s a big shame, things were getting too tight there, it was somewhat a racing incident.

“It maybe looked a bit optimistic from Kevin – but Checo could’ve also seen him and left room, so the outcome is obviously unfortunate,” the German, who is leaving Haas for Stake F1 Team Sauber/Audi in 2025, concluded.

Another person left with a headache after the crash was Haas Team Principal, Ayao Komatsu, who now has to deal with fixing his two cars which would require a huge amount of money which won’t be available for upgrades given the F1 cost cap.

Komatsu commented: “Starting from P19 and P20, we had an alternative strategy plan to try to get something out of it, but unfortunately our race ended on lap one.

“It’s been a Sunday to forget and we just have to learn from this weekend and move on, and get a good result in Canada,” he added.

It was indeed a weekend to forget for Haas who were also disqualified from qualifying after both their cars’s DRS systems were found in breach of the technical regulations.

Had that not been the case, Hulkenberg and Magnussen would’ve started the Monaco GP from 12th and 15th respectively.