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Monaco Grand Prix: Leclerc is finally the King of Monte Carlo

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The 81st Grand Prix de Monaco was won by Charles Leclerc, Round 8 of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship while memorable and historic for the local hero it was a largely forgettable procession for fans, big shunt excluded.

Monaco, the Crown Jewel of F1, is so out of touch as a track for these long beasts of the modern era. What was meant to be a race, an epic one if the grid was anything to go by, instead was a boring two-hour procession. A high-speed traffic jam.

The ‘second’ race differed dramatically from the half-lap sprint, aka a very short Part 1 of the race. Seconds after the first start mayhem ensued up the hill to Casino. Veteran journeymen Kevin Magnussen and Sergio Perez collied like rookies in their first Monaco race, triggering a shunt up the hill that ended with two very broken Haas F1 cars and a totally wrecked, wheel-less Red Bull.

Nico Hulkenberg was the innocent victim of the two reckless rivals

2024 Monaco GP crash

Magnussen and Perez had massive brain fade at the exact same time to their severe detriment. Luckily the trio were unhurt in a shunt that a decade ago would’ve probably been deadly. Thank you Lady Luck of F1 and all those with a hand in making these cars as robust as they are.

The second Monaco GP start happened a quarter of an hour later, as they all lined up as they started the first race. And an hour and a half later, they crossed the line in the exact same order. No overtakes among the the top ten all race long. Everyone held station. Occasional attacks but no can do. No stop was required thanks to the red flag.

The first overtake of the Grand Prix happened in the battle for P13, on lap 54! Stake F1 Team’s Valtteri Bottas pounced past the Williams of Logan Sargeant.

In the end, forgetting it was a procession, the day belonged to Leclerc. A famous home win, the first Monegasque to win at his birthplace. The Principality’s most famous person, today went from Prince of Monte Carlo to its King.

Leclerc said after his sixth and sweetest F1 victory: “No words can explain that. It’s such a difficult race, I think the fact twice I’ve been starting on pole position and we couldn’t quite make it makes it even better in a way.

Leclerc: It means a lot

charles Leclerc winner

Leclerc added: “It’s the race which made me dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver one day. Fifteen laps to the end you’re hoping nothing happens and the emotions are coming. My dad has given everything for me to be here and it was a dream of ours for me to race here and win here, so it’s unbelievable,” added the Winner.

Oscar Piastri finished P2, where he started from, delivering another mistake-free performance in a very handy McLaren, keeping a feisty Carlos Sainz behind him despite a concerted effort by the Ferrari driver. Neither made a mistake on the day.

Piastri reported: “Tricky race. The pace at the beginning was incredibly slow. I had one little half-look before the tunnel but didn’t have a small enough car to fit into the gap! Thanks to the team. It’s been a great weekend all-round. Nice to put a result on the board.

“I’ve been strong the last few weekends but didn’t have the result to show for it. Nice to have a podium. Charles has been mega all weekend. They have been quick from the very first lap. I’m happy with P2. A good result for the team. Very, very happy,” beamed Piastri.

No overtakes in 78 laps among the top ten


Also faultless was Lando Norris but P4 stayed P4 no matter what. The top four ended 8.6s apart, but for most of the race they were covered by four or five seconds.

Credit to Mercedes and Red Bull to try break the stalemate with a late tyre change but all to no avail. They finished as they Qualified on Saturday Goerge Russell was  P5, ahead of Max Verstappen in P6 and Lewis Hamilton P7.

The top seven remained on the same lap with VCARB’s Yuki Tsunoda ending P8 and a lap down on the leader, as was Alex Albon P9 in the Williams

In P10, Pierre Gasly took home the final point for Alpine, despite a nasty altercation with teammate Esteban Ocon at the tunnel entrance that might’ve cost them both a DNF.

In the end, Karma blamed Ocon and sent him for an early shower for his unacceptably mindless and outright malicious tactics, directed against his teammate!

2024 Monaco Grand Prix Result Provisional

2024 Monaco Grand Prix Result Provisional

Big crash mars Monaco Grand Prix Part 1

crash monaco grand prix big accident perez magnussen hulkenberg f1

The first part of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix lasted less than a lap, as a huge crash eliminated three cars within seconds of the start denting the barrier where it happened and causing a long delay.

There was drama before the start as both Haas drivers were relegated to the back row after their DRS was found to be illegal. This would prove significant shortly after the red lights went out to start the race.

The start that followed was untidy from the front. Ferrari’s pole winner Charles Leclerc scuttled into the lead, while behind him his teammate Carlos Sainz from P3 got beside Oscar Piastri who started P2. The McLaren stayed ahead but the Red car tagged the Papaya one.

Just as Sainz slowed in front of the Monte-Carlo Casino, at the same time a huge crash was happening up the hill. From the back row of the grid, the two Haas cars chased the Red Bull of Sergio Perez, with Kevin Magnussen trying too hard to squeeze through the inside but tapped the RBR which was inexplicably drifting into the Haas, a tap followed and a massive shunt ensued.

The race was red-flagged. When the dust settled, Perez and both Haas cars were wrecked. The Red Bull was missing all four wheels, but all three drivers walked away unhurt. Hulkenberg is innocent in the saga but with nowhere to go pranged into his teammates.

Hulkenberg: Unnecessary


“Unnecessary,” spectator Hulkenberg declared on the radio to sum up a very short Monaco race for his team, and Checo. Thankfully they all walked away without much more than a scratch, a testament to F1 safety in this modern era. A decade ago, a crash such as this might’ve meant a funeral or two next week.

Thankfully the militant safety measures employed by the FIA and F1 over the years, bruised egos or damaged reputations are the only ‘injuries’ suffered by the trio.

With the best seats in the house for the incident, Hulkenberg said: “It was a typical lap-one racing accident. Two drivers who both didn’t want to bail out and didn’t give enough room on a tight track like Monaco, and I was the unlucky victim there.”

Esteban Ocon was his own worst enemy when he attacked his Alpine teammate Pierre Dasly as the pair entered the tunnel. Clattering Gasly into the air, Ocon suffered damage which forced the team to DNF his car. A very strange move between one Frenchman and another.

Meanwhile and unrelated, Lady Luck handed an extra ‘life’ to Sainz who got to line up on P3 again for the restart. His mishap cost the Ferrari driver nothing, unlike the three blokes whose cars were totally wrecked.

It took 45-minutes to sort out the barriers and get the second start underway.

How the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix unfolded:

monaco-f1 start

Drama before the start as both Haas drivers were relegated to the back row after their DRS was found to be illegal.

Top 1o Grid: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS gathered under the bright sunshine of the Cote D’Azur, grandstands packed to the rafters.

Sainz on the opening lap parks in front of the Monte-Carlo Casino with a puncture caused by the Turn 1 contact. Behind him all hell breaks loose, a huge crash ensues up the hill, at the back of the field prompting a red flag stoppage.

The huge shunt involved Perez and both Haas cars wrecked, by the time the dust settled the Red Bull was missing all four wheels. All three drivers walked away unhurt. The Mexican was tapped by Magnussen who never backed off triggering a high-speed shunt, with Hulkenberg innocent but with nowhere to go. “Unnecessary,” Hulkenberg declared on the radio. This gave Sainz a second life.

When the dust settled down, the restart order was unchanged: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Much more tentative second start with no order change with only 16 cars in play.

2024 Monaco GP Report leclerc leads

The Top 4 were on Pirelli white-back Hard tyres, as well as Tsunoda and Albon. Verstappen, both Mercedes drivers and Gasly on Mediums.

Leclerc under pressure from Piastri with Sainz doing the same as the trio pulled a gap to Norris in P4, chased by Russell who is told to look after his tyres. He does so reluctantly.

Top 10 Lap 10: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Stalemate with no change at the front, but nothing to separate the top three hustling through the streets. Norris 1.3s adrift with a good view, and Russell is almost six seconds back in P5 in tyre management mode.

At the front, Piastri was harrying Leclerc incessantly with Sainz in the McLaren mirrors as the trio pulled edged further ahead of Russell, leading Verstappen and Hamilton who were anonymous at this point as they held station.

Bottas pits for Hards but like Zhou the Stake F1 Team Saubers are not in the race.

2024 Monaco GP Report leclerc norris sainz

On lap 19, Sainz was now harassing Piastri as much as the young Aussie was doing to Leclerc. Enthralling stuff as about a second or so separated the trio as they snaked the Principality.

Top 10 Lap 20: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Order unchanged. Stalemate.

Leclerc leading by just under one second from Piastri in P2, in a Ferrari sandwich, with Sainz equally close as was Norris in P4 followed by Russell, best of the Rest, 12 seconds down on the McLaren.

Top 10 Lap 30: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Stalemate continues. No change in top ten.

P1 Leclerc with 1.2s lead over P2 Norris, with P3 Sainz within a second and Norris 1.9s in P4. Russell P5 was down 14.0s on the McLaren ahead. Verstappen and Hamilton are next up, holding station. Tsunoda 17.0s behind, with Albon p9, 2.0s down on the VCARB ahead. Gasly rounding out the Top 10, 4.1s further back.

The top three are still within 3.0s of one another. But talk of tyre graining is starting to dominate the radio waves between drivers and their teams. Tyre saving in play across the field. A race everyone wanted to run as slowly as possible it seemed at this point.


Top 10 Lap 40: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Stalemate continues. No overtakes since the start.

The top four circulating within four seconds, Piastri wondered over the radio why Ferrari were slowing Leclerc down so much.

Front-runners start lapping the backmarkers with Leclerc edging the lead to 2.5s over Norris, the biggest the gap had been to that point. Stroll pits on lap 43, a free stop thanks to Alonso holding up rivals in 11th place. But the Aston Martin suffered a puncture as he pursued Gasly.

Top 10 Lap 50: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Stalemate.

Hamilton pits on Lap 52. Verstappen follows a lap later. P6 at stake but no worry as Merc got it all wrong and RBR did not.


The first overtake of the race as Bottas gets past Sargeant on lap 54. A lap later Norris is all over the back of Sainz, the Ferrari driver going as slowly as he can, stalked by the feisty McLaren seeking P3.

At the front, Leclerc led Piastri by 1.7s, with the Sainz vs Norris battle dropping them back into the 4.0s zone. Verstappen was closing in on Russell in p5.

Top 10 Lap 60: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. No change in the top ten since the start.

Leclerc kept the lead at around 1.5s over Piastri in P2. Sainz was a further 2.5s down, with Norris tailing the Ferrari. Russell was 14.0s further back in p5, with Verstappen fast catching the Mercedes, with Hamilton in tow.

Top 10 Lap 70: LEC-PIA-SAI-NOR-RUS-VER-HAM-TSU-ALB-GAS. Stalemate continued.

P1 Leclerc 4.8s ahead of Piastri, with Sainz stalking and Norris under his wing. Russel in P5 still gest of the Rst with Verstappen in DRs, and Hamilton 2.0s further back.



Monaco Grand Prix Preview: Leclerc home win or is it to be McLaren’s day?2024 monaco gp f1 starting grid

The 81st Monaco Grand Prix (clearly counting the pre-1950 Grande Epreuves) could be won by one of their own, Charles Leclerc starts his home race as the Formula 1 Prince of Monte-Carlo, this afternoon he could be the King of his neighbourhood streets.

[The Monaco GP Race Report will replace this Preview immediately after the race. Please refresh your browser for the latest updated version of the post. Enjoy!]

Starting from pole position for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, will it be third time lucky for Leclerc? Twice before he started P1, yet not even a podium visit has been his reward for the graft on the streets he walked to and from school, as well as his leisure time while growing up in the Principality.

Now the Ferrari ace is Monaco’s most famous citizen and could be a lot more should he win today. Pole position plus his scintillating pace make him the outright pre-race favourite for victory this afternoon but we are all wary of what may happen should his hometown jinx continue.

Top of the list to spoil the Monegasque party is Oscar Piastri. Already and F1 Sprint race winner, the McLaren 23-year-old continues to dazzle with outstanding pace that suggests he is a tad faster than ultra-quick Lando Norris in the other car.

For Monaco, the McLaren cars are sporting a livery tribute in the colours of Ayrton Senna’s iconic Yellow Helmet which Lando and Oscar also honoured with their own lids. Ditto the overalls. Great touch by Zak Brown, Andrea Stella and their team.

F1 legend Ayrton Senna and Monaco are synonymous

F1 legend Ayrton Senna and Monaco are synonymous piastri norris

If the great Brazilian, a record six-time winner here, sprinkles some magic from above, McLaren could benefit and take the win on merit because their car has enjoyed the most effective updates of all in recent races. While P2 means Piastri is most likely to take a first GP victory should Leclerc fumble, Norris starting behind him from P4 has tasted the winner’s champagne at Miami and be sure he is addicted!

Starting P3, Carlos Sainz could well be the dark Prancing Horse in today’s eighth episode of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The Ferrari man, a free agent and looking for a job, starts P3 behind, his teammate and has vowed to help Leclerc win at home, should he not do so himself. Smooth Operator anyone for the in today?

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff predicted that his cars would not be strong at Monaco as the lace has not treated them well over the years. He was wrong, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have looked racier than ever before. The Silver Arrows will line up nose to tail on the grid today, with George launching out of P5 and Lewis from P7.

Mercedes best they have looked this season much to their own surprise


Hamilton reckoned this week that “learning Italian may come before another podium” and starting on the fringes of the midpack will make a fourth victory in Monte-Carlo a tall order. But incidents, safety cars, yellows, a Cote D’Azur shower etc etc etc has turned

Finally, Max Verstappen who won here last year by a hefty 27.8s margin over Fernando Alonso in a decent Aston Martin. Rule of thumb: Never discount Red Bull’s mega-ace who only gets faster the angrier he gets. And boy he must’ve been pissed after finding the RB20 does not like the high-downforce stuff at all. Ask Sergio Perez, who starts from P18! Enough said.

Therefore, Verstappen is always a factor even if his RBR is suddenly a wheelbarrow. It will be good to see the Dutchman deal with a dose of near-midfield reality. Expect some saucy radio between he and ingegnere Gianpiero Lambiase.

While Perez grenades himself, VCARB’s Yuki Tsunoda’s shares keep soaring as again he destroyed hugely experienced and one-time Monaco winner Daniel Ricciardo. Can the Japanese driver cement’s his cause to be Max’s teammate with a mega-showing in Monaco?

Other sideshows to watch:

  • Mega qualy performance by Alex Albon but will it be freefall in the race?
  • What can the Alpines do from the heart of the midpack?
  • Have Aston Martin pulled their team from F1? Anyone see Fernando and Lance this weekend in Monaco?
  • Sauber team… How bad is bad?
  • Who prangs first? Lance? Logan? Checo? K-Mag? Zhou? George? Max? AN Other?

Pirelli Monaco Grand Prix Info

Pirelli Monaco Grand Prix Graphics
Monaco Grand Prix Graphics

Monaco Grand Prix Facts & Stats by Reuters

  • Monaco Grand Prix, Round 8 of the 24-race 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship:
  • Lap distance: 3.337km. Total distance: 260.286km (78 laps)
  • 2023 pole position: Max Verstappen (Netherlands) Red Bull One minute 11.365 seconds
  • 2023 winner: Verstappen
  • Race lap record: Lewis Hamilton (Britain) Mercedes 1:12.909, 2021
  • Start time: 1300 GMT (1500 local)
  • Leclerc can become the first Monegasque to win at home since the championship started in 1950 but he has yet to stand on the podium in Monaco.
  • Monaco is the shortest and slowest track on the calendar, and the race with most laps. It is also the only one to cover less than 300km and only 34% of the lap is at full throttle.
  • The 180 degree turn six hairpin is the slowest corner of the year, with cars taking it at 45kph.
  • This year’s race is the 70th edition in championship history and 81st since the first grand prix there in 1929.
  • The late triple world champion Ayrton Senna holds the record for most Monaco wins — six, including five in a row with McLaren between 1989 and 1993.
  • A safety car deployment is highly likely.
  • McLaren are the most successful team in Monaco, with 15 wins since their debut in 1966.
  • In 1996, Frenchman Olivier Panis won from 14th on the starting grid — the lowest winning start position to date. Since 1950, only 10 times has the race been won by a driver starting lower than third.
  • Five former Monaco winners will be racing on Sunday: Fernando Alonso (2006, 2007), Hamilton (2008, 2016, 2019), Max Verstappen (2021, 2023), Perez (2022), Daniel Ricciardo (2018).
  • Verstappen’s last two Monaco wins were races in which he led from start to finish.

Wins, Pole Position & Podiums

Monaco GP Qualifying Top Three Press Conference

  • Verstappen has won five of seven races this season, with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz triumphant in Australia and McLaren’s Lando Norris in Miami.
  • Sainz and Norris are the only drivers to have beaten Red Bull since 2022.
  • Hamilton has a record 103 career victories from 339 starts but is chasing his first since 2021 — a run of 52 races without a win.
  • Red Bull won 21 of 22 races last year, with Verstappen victorious in a record 19, and have won 36 of the last 40.
  • The team have won 118 races and are fourth in the all-time list of winners. Ferrari lead with 244, McLaren have 184 and Mercedes 125.
  • Verstappen has won 59 grands prix and is third on the all-time list. Michael Schumacher is second on 91.
  • Hamilton has a record 104 career poles, his most recent in Hungary last year.
  • Verstappen has taken the first seven poles of the season, equalling Alain Prost’s 1993 record, and eight in a row including the last race of 2023 — equalling Ayrton Senna’s 1988-89 record.
  • Verstappen has 104 career podiums, Hamilton 197.
  • The Red Bull driver set a record of 21 podiums in a season last year but Michael Schumacher remains the only driver to have stood on the podium in every race of a season (2002). Verstappen cannot equal that this year, having retired in Australia.

2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship Standings

  • Verstappen has led the championship for a record 46 successive races dating back to Spain in May 2022 and arrives in Imola 48 points clear of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

2023 F1 Standings after Round 6 Miami Grand Prix