Verstappen: Important to hit the ground running in Monaco

Verstappen: Important to hit the ground running in Monaco

Verstappen: Important to hit the ground running in Monaco

Max Verstappen is aware that he can’t afford to start the Monaco Grand Prix weekend on the back foot as was the case in the previous two race in Miami and Imola.

Verstappen has not been enjoying his usual dominance for two races now, as he struggles to be fast out of the box, Red Bull only managing to make changes on the second day, and while that was barely enough at Imola where he won by the skin of his teeth, Miami saw him losing out to Lando Norris.

But the triple Formula 1 Champion is hoping for a better weekend in Monaco, a track Red Bull historically did not enjoy in the “ground effect” era of F1 rules.

Reflecting on Imola, Verstappen said: “Although it was a close race, it was great to get the win in Imola and we now look forward to the second race of the double header.

“As it is a close street circuit, it is important we hit the ground running and get in a strong qualifying session, as it is always particularly difficult to overtake. The race is often dependent on strategy and requires a lot of concentration and focus,” he explained.

The Dutchman however hopes some homework done by his team would be beneficial, he added: “We have been reviewing what we need to do and build on to extract the maximum performance from the car here, so we are looking forward to seeing what the weekend brings.

“Monaco is always an incredibly busy and hectic weekend so it has been good to come home, relax and recharge before the race.

“It is always nice to be able to travel home in the evening too, being so close to home,” Verstappen concluded.

Sergio Perez needs to get his momentum back

Perez had a tough outing in Imola, not reaching Q3 in qualifying while failing to make an amends during the race, but he usually enjoys street circuits, and he has won before in Monaco.

He said: “Monaco is always one of the standout races in the calendar, and I am lucky enough to be a Monaco race winner, which is very special to me.

“Sometimes it looks like racing comes second here, because the event and everything surrounding the race is so big but we always come here focused and the Team ensure we can concentrate on what is important and that is extracting everything from the car.

“The pressure to deliver comes on Saturday in Monaco,” he pointed out, “because overtaking is nearly impossible on Sunday and I know I need to do better, following a tricky weekend in Italy.

“Nothing came together in Imola and we have been working hard to understand that, it’s not just me behind the wheel, my engineers or car crew, it’s an entire factory ensuring we make the most of a very quick car and put it where it belongs, which is always on the podium.

“I want to get the momentum back and we know if we get it right, we can deliver a strong performance this weekend,” the Mexican concluded.