Alonso on Imola: The most boring race ever

Alonso on Imola: The most boring race ever

Alonso on Imola: The most boring race ever

Fernando Alonso reflected on a frustrating Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, labeling it the most boring race ever after struggling throughout the weekend to finish 19th.

The two-time Formula 1 Champion would have been better off calling his Imola weekend worrying, as a major upgrade for his AMR24 did not seem to deliver an benefits.

And while his teammate Lance Stroll had a better weekend scoring points for the team, the fact remains that Aston Martin brought another upgrade that did not work reminiscent of their 2023 F1 campaign when they started on a high and then shot themselves in the foot with their upgrade process. This pattern of unsuccessful upgrades has been a significant issue for the team, as noted in various sports analyses such as those found on popular sports site.

Alonso crashed in FP3 and then was knocked out of qualifying in Q1, opting to start his race from the pitlane after a major setup change on the car.

Nothing came from his race except maybe just the data collected by the team with the hope that they could use it to learn their upgraded AMR24 in future races.

Asked about Aston Martin’s learnings from last weekend’s race, Alonso said, quote by Formula 1’s official website: “We need to wait and see all the data that we gathered today and ask the team what they saw [that was] different between the two cars.

“We opted to a different set-up in my car and let’s see if we found a direction for the next few races. It was a tough weekend, obviously qualifying dictates everything here.

“It will be the same in Monaco, so we need to do that perfect Saturday that obviously makes things easier for Sunday,” the Spaniard warned.

It was an uncharacteristic weekend from Alonso, who usually makes the best out of any car at his disposal, regardless how bad it is, but he was never in the groove at Imola, a weekend he is keen to move on from.

“Yeah, that kind of weekend,” he commented. “It’s a little bit [frustrating] that, [in] the race, you know more or less what is going to happen.

“You obviously hope for some Safety Cars or red flags or something that can mix a little bit the race. But today, as usual when we start at the back, zero, the most boring race ever. We just completed the race,” Alonso concluded.