bottas zhou guanyu stake f1 team launch sauber

The Evolution of Sports Betting Sponsorship in Formula 1

bottas zhou guanyu stake f1 team launch sauber

Sports betting has come a long way since just picking a football team to win and hoping for the result. Now, sports bettors can choose many different markets within many sporting selections.

Formula 1 is part of the rich tapestry, too, with more and more offshore sportsbooks becoming more visible in motorsport.

Sponsorships Opportunities in Formula 1

Sports are becoming more commercial by the day. While the allure of watching sportsmen and women perform without advertisements is a thing of the past, it doesn’t wholly overhaul F1 – as of yet. The FIA allows sponsorship deals on car design, with the only exception being tobacco products, which were banned in 2006.

Alcohol and betting companies, both considered enjoyable vices, currently occupy a similar position in the F1 sponsorship landscape. However, it’s worth noting that the FIA might review sponsor deals from these industries in the future, so it’s possible that offshore formula 1 sportsbooks partnerships may have to be more subtle rather than being in the viewer’s face every time they see a certain car.

Formula 1 races have undergone a significant transformation, evolving from mere placenames to commercial entities. They are now known by their sponsor names, such as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 or the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2024. Given this trend, it seems inevitable that an offshore sportsbook will secure one of these race sponsorship deals in the near future.


188Bet is one of the notable sports betting brands directly associated with Formula 1. Despite its limited visibility due to licensing and regulations, 188Bet’s status as a regional partner of F1 is a significant development. This means certain audiences can engage with the company’s services through official channels, underscoring the increasing presence of sports betting companies in motorsport.

Party Poker and Party Casino Paired up with McLaren

MacLaren sits in an attractive space on the F1 grid; while the car isn’t as competitive alongside the Red Bull, Mercedes or contemporary Ferrari, it still commands a decent following and isn’t as slow as some other teams on the grid. For a long time, Party Poker and Party Casino were the market leaders in online betting and, as such, were able to have their branding on the iconic orange car in 2021.

W66’s Ventures in Formula 1

Given that Red Bull has one of the fastest cars and biggest fan bases in the sport, it’s no wonder that gambling companies want to be seen on the livery of Max Verstappen’s car. While the car might not have any gambling brands, back in 2019, the branding for W66 was on display. This Chinese company only caters to domestic customs despite the legal status of online gambling in China being somewhat hazy.

However, W66 worked with Team Force India for two years in 2017 and 2018, before working with Red Bull the year prior. The team was sold halfway through the season and, therefore, excluded from the constructor championship. The team would later be known as Racing Point, after which it became Aston Martin Racing.

Full Tilt Poker Sponsored Virgin Racing

Teams come and go within F1, and Virgin Racing was one such team that only participated in two seasons between 2010 and 2011. Their initial campaign saw them being sponsored by one of the biggest online poker companies at the time, as Full Tilt Poker branding was evident on the car, which might have led a few F1 fans to play on their platform. However, the team finished dead last in the constructors championship, and the deal wasn’t renewed for the 2011 campaign.

Poker Site sponsored Midland.

During the poker boom being commercialised in the mid-2000s, more sites were popping up every day. Euro Poker was one of the most extensive domains that attracted the European audience. Unfortunately for those involved, Midland only existed in F1 for two years, as it was absolved in 2006.

VGW Sponsor Ferrari

Sponsoring Ferrari is a big deal. The most recognisable car in the sport is a sure way to get your brand noticed by millions of fans. VGW is the parent company of Global Poker and signed a multi-year deal in 2023 to have their branding all over the car and team uniform.

Crypto Has a Strong Future in Formula 1

Suppose there is one industry that certainly has a good foothold in F1 sponsorship already, it’s cryptocurrency. There are multiple brands already on team liveries and even sponsoring specific races throughout the calendar. If sports and casino betting can forge their way like this (i.e. using their connected similarity) then it could see more betting sites appear in prominent F1 settings.