Brown: I didn't mention teams, just volunteered our opinion

Verstappen: Brown wants to stir things up

Brown: I didn't mention teams, just volunteered our opinion

Max Verstappen responded to McLaren CEO, Zak Brown’s statement about Red Bull staff accusing the American of trying to stir things up.

Verstappen is probably not the first one, nor will he be the last to accuse Brown of trying to stir things up, as the McLaren top man has always “volunteered” his opinion on several topics in the Formula 1 paddock.

We all remember when he sent a letter to the FIA urging them to consider Red Bull’s 2021 cost cap breach as cheating.

When the Christian Horner scandal broke, Brown was so concerned about the transparency of the sport that he was calling for full disclosure with regards to another team’s internal matter, with strong backing from his power unit supplier Toto Wolff.

Brown has also been going on about how unfair it was for Red Bull to own two F1 teams, Red Bull Racing and VCARB.

All is fair in love and war, and being the McLaren CEO it is understandable that Brown does anything for the best interest of his team in the shark tank that is F1, and most recently he tried to capitalize on the news of Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull.

He insinuated that Newey was leaving because of Horner’s saga while adding that many Red Bull staff are trying to jump ship to McLaren following the Red Bull tech chief’s departure.

Verstappen: I see headlines, but I don’t even click on them

Verstappen commented about Brown’s comments, and quoted by, he said: “He [Brown] obviously wants to stir things up. For us as a team we can’t do anything with comments like that.

“From his point of view, I understand it of course, because everyone is trying to attract our people and that is completely normal in the world of Formula 1 as well.

“But I’m not really interested in those things either. I see the headlines, but I don’t even click on them,” the Dutchman claimed.

Despite revealing key Red Bull staff are locked down with long-term contracts, Verstappen admitted though that no contract can keep employees working at a place where they are not happy, which means contracts do not always mean much.

“In life you can never guarantee everything,” he pointed out. “It’s also possible that I won’t wake up tomorrow morning, so in the end you never know things 100 percent for sure in life anyway.

“Of course, a lot of agreements are made, but in the end it’s also about everyone being happy with their work and feeling appreciated within the team.

“There are a lot of human aspects involved as well,” the triple F1 Champion concluded.