Horner: Newey is a friend, the godfather to my children

Horner: Newey is a friend, the godfather to my children

Horner: Newey is a friend, the godfather to my children

Christian Horner insisted he and the departing Red Bull Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, as on great terms, as speculation about the celebrated Formula 1 designer’s future continue.

Newey was officially announced to be leaving Red Bull early in 2025, the confirmation done ahead of last weekend’s Miami GP, but his future plans or team that is are yet to be revealed, rumours linking him with Ferrari.

Red Bull have been navigating troubled waters even before the start of the 2024 F1 season with the Horner scandal rocking the ship really hard not to mention the internal power struggle that ensued with the future of Max Verstappen becoming uncertain.

But following the F1 race in Saudi Arabia, it seems that the Red Bull GmbH top honchos clamed things down, and just when everyone thought it was back to business as usual, the Newey announcement came.

Horner was again in the spotlight, many claiming Newey’s departure is the result of the former’s saga, but speaking to the media in Miami, the Red Bull boss shrugged off all these claims.

Asked if Newey’s departure had anything to do with him, Horner responded: “I’ve spoken to Adrian at length ago, though, and you know, Adrian’s position is very clear.

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship, we continue to enjoy a great relationship. We’re friends, as well as work colleagues, and, you know, he’s done a huge amount for this team, and we’ll be sad to see him leave, but he’s left the team in good shape. We’ve got a great team of people and strength and depth to take us forward.”

Nothing is forever

Quizzed how big a loss Newey would be for Red Bull, a pragmatic Horner added: “Unfortunately nothing is forever.

“Adrian was in Williams for seven years, he was with McLaren for seven years, and we managed to have him for 18 years. So I think we’ve enjoyed some great moments, on and off track.

“It’s been a wonderful journey with Adrian, he’s a friend. He’s the godfather to my children, and we remain friends,” Horner revealed.

Pushed further regarding the size of loss Newey is, the Briton said: “I think that we’re well positioned for the future, and I think that in the technical team that we have, I think that was we always knew this day was coming, and is something that from 2014 when Adrian came very close to leaving, that that structure was was assembled.”

Horner was referring to the start of the F1 Turbo-hybrid era, that came after an era of full domination for Red Bull when they won four consecutive F1 Title doubles with Sebastian Vettel.

Renault, Red Bull’s power unit supplier, dropped the ball with their first V6 Turbo power unit and Red Bull struggled to compete with the might of Mercedes.

Newey was reportedly disenchanted with F1 and to keep him, Red Bull offered him other projects to keep him on board, before his interest in F1 was reignited with the start of the “ground effect” era.

Since 2022, Red Bull, under the watch of Newey, delivered a line of dominant car starting with the RB18 up to the current RB20 with which they are targeting a third consecutive Title double.

(Quotes by Agnes Carlier)