Newey: Very flattered by what Hamilton said

Newey: Very flattered by what Hamilton said

Newey: Very flattered by what Hamilton said

Outgoing Red Bull tech chief Adrian Newey said he was flattered by the kind words of Lewis Hamilton about the prospect of the pair working together at Ferrari.

Aside from Lando Norris taking his maiden Formula 1 in the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, the main story of the sport’s recent weekend stateside was the departure of Newey from Red Bull after 19 years with them.

And while the rumors continued to swirl linking the legendary F1 designer to Ferrari, there is yet to be an official announcement from Maranello.

Ferrari, earlier in 2024, announced F1’s move of the century – Hamilton to race in Red in 2025, and the seven-time F1 Champion was asked about the chance of working with Newey at Ferrari during the weekend in Miami.

Hamilton admitted Newey is the top of his list of people he would like to work with, insisting the Briton would be a great addition to Ferrari, and when quizzed if the collaboration will happen, he answered with a big grin: “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Interviewed by Sky Sports F1 in Miami, Newey was asked to comment about Hamilton’s statement, he said: “It’s very kind of Lewis to say that.

“I’m very flattered, but at the moment it’s just take a little bit of a break and see what happens next,” the 65-year-old insisted.

Ground effect Red Bull cars have been a great series

Reports claimed that Newey’s lawyers negotiated his early release from Red Bull, and indeed the team announced he would be leaving them early in 2025 while clarifying he would step away from F1 duties and focus on the RB17, Red Bull’s road hypercar project.

While no details mentioned about a gardening leave, Newey may well be able to join another F1 team in time to work on the 2026 F1 cars that will be totally revamped – power unit and chassis.

The design guru revealed his excitement about the “ground effect” rules that kicked in back in 2022, an era he mastered with the cars he designed for Red Bull who have dominated the sport since 2022 and still going strong in 2024.

“I do enjoy regulation changes, for sure,” Newey said. “This current crop of regulations was the biggest regulation change we’ve had since 1983 when flat bottom cars came in, so I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detail design of that car [RB18].

“The two subsequent cars [RB19 &Rb20] are evolutions of that car, and next year’s [2025] car will be the third evolution of that car, so it’s been a great series, one that surprised me just how much there is in these cars.

“When I first looked at the regulations, I wasn’t so sure, but it’s been fun,” he admitted.

But while everyone is waiting eagerly to find out what he would do next, Newey insists he still has “no plan”  insisting he first plans to “step back, take a bit of a break and take stock of life”.

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