Sainz laments losing out on Miami GP win due to pit stop timing

Sainz laments losing out on Miami GP win due to pit stop timing

Sainz laments losing out on Miami GP win due to pit stop timing

Carlos Sainz believes he could’ve won the 2024 Miami Grand Prix last Sunday and not Lando Norris, lamenting Ferrari’s decision to pit him just before the Safety Car came out.

Sainz should probably blame his boss Fred Vasseur for missing out on a second win this season, the Frenchman joking after the race that he “forgot the crystal ball”, otherwise he could’ve predicted when the Safety Car would come out.

Sainz was asked to comment about his former McLaren teammate’s maiden Formula 1 victory, he began: “I think Lando has been deserving a win for many, many years now. He’s driving at an excellent level and to finally get it [win], I’m obviously happy for him.”

He then added: ” [I am] frustrated because we were ahead of him before that pitstop before the safety car, we would have extended one more lap, we would have caught the safety car and we would have won the race too.

“But I think luck comes to the guys who deserve it. Lando was one of those guys that deserved that a little bit of luck this weekend to win his first race,” a philosophical Sainz maintained.

Luck, no luck, it doesn’t matter

Norris might have been lucky with the Safety Car timing, but he did not out a foot wrong and the way he was pulling away from Max Verstappen after the restart of the race showed he had the pace, not to mention that Verstappen was never at one with his RB20 all weekend long in Miami.

Asked how much a driver needs to work for wins, even if luck was on his side, Sainz explained: “The problem with Formula 1 is that there are weekends where you do everything perfect.

“You drive to the maximum, and you probably are the strongest driver over the weekend, because you’ve maximized everything you have. You finish P5, P4, P3 or P2, and you you’re not in the headlines because you haven’t won the race. And there’s the sort of weekends that maybe you don’t do your best job.

“Lando today won a race but he’s been driving like a race winner for many, many races in a row now. He just deserves that win. Luck, no luck, it doesn’t matter.

“He’s a race winner. It was about time, it was coming for him,” the Spaniard concluded.

Sainz may be ruing losing the chance of a win in Miami, but ifs and maybes and buts don’t work in Motorsport. Probably Verstappen summed it up nicely when he said: “If my mum had balls, she would be my dad.”

(Quotes by Agnes Carlier)