norris miami gp winner f1

Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris is a Formula 1 winner!

norris miami gp winner f1

Lando Norris is a Formula 1 race winner! The McLaren driver winning a drama-packed Miami Grand Prix today, Round 6 of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

It took 110 Grand Prix races for Norris to win in F1 for the first time. And he did it in style once a Safety Car period came about at the exact right time for the McLaren driver.

Having stayed out longer than his rivals, a collision between Kevin Magnussen (Haas) and Logan Sargeant (Williams) played in his hands.

Until that point, Verstappen had controlled the race, but could never pull out a gap as he has done previously. But still it all looked to be going to the Red Bull script.

The Safety Car changed all that. Norris led for the restart and just hung on to the lead, as Verstappen stalked him all the way into Turn 1.

Thereafter, Norris put the hammer down and unexpectedly, Verstappen had no answer and had to watch the Papaya car getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Unusual to say the least!

In the end, Norris was the best on the day, his first win well deserved and on merit. From the moment he led, he kept growing that gap. He worked hard for his first one. He becomes F1’s 114th winner.

Norris whooped over the radio as the win sunk in: “I love you all, I love you all. Thank you so much. We did it Will! We did it! I guess that’s how it’s done. Finally. I’m so happy. I knew it. I knew it as I came in this morning. I said ‘today is the day, what an opportunity’. I nailed it, you nailed it.

“Thanks, Mum, thanks Dad, this one is for my grandma. Thank you very much,” declared the 24-year-old Englishman. After in Parc Ferme he added: “I’m just proud. A lot of people doubted me along the way.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes over my last five years in my short career but today we put it all together. This is all for the team. I stuck with McLaren because I could believe in them and do believe in them. Today we proved exactly that,” added the McLaren driver.

Norris was feted by his rivals after winning his first Grand Prix

The respect shown by Norris’ peers, who went out of their way to greet the winner was priceless as he broke his duck in the best way possible. It was his day and a big one too for McLaren boss Zak Brown who gave Lando his break and also the biggest bear hug in Parc Ferme.

On the day, Verstappen was finally defeated on track this season. Melbourne DNF was a technical issue, so this was a wake-up call for the Champions.

Verstappen was never fully comfortable with the RB20 in Miami, complaining about lack of grip and “sliding around” despite winning the Sprint Race on Saturday, and claiming pole for the race. In the race, it seemed to be business as usual, but when he lost the lead the comeback never came.

Nevertheless, the Dutch ace was visibly chuffed to share the moment with his mate Norris who had the better of the Red Bull today.

Verstappen said afterwards: “You win, you lose. I think we’re all used to that in racing, right? Today was just a bit tricky. I think already on the mediums, it didn’t feel fantastic.

“We were pulling away but not like it should be and once we made the pit stop and I heard the lap times the McLarens were doing, I was like: wow, that’s pretty quick. They came with an upgrade. For sure it looks like it works, right?

“So we have a bit of work to do from our side. I think definitely it wasn’t our strongest weekend in terms of race pace, but we’ll analyse it all and we’ll try to come back stronger from it,” concluded Max.

Ferrari never seemed to have winning pace, this weekend.

Charles Leclerc got the final podium spot, with Carlos Sainz P4 after a gargantuan battle with Oscar Piastri. The Aussie had a good race, but contact with Sainz dropped him down the order with a broken wing. Unlucky to go home with no pints, P15 was an unkind reward for his efforts.

Before celebrating his 33rd F1 podium, Leclerc summed up his race: “It was very tricky at the start. Then it was all about trying to focus on ourselves. But today, again, we were missing a little bit of pace.

“We did our best but the timing of the Safety Car wasn’t great for us and we had the oldest tyres. But we managed everything quite well and P3 was the best we could do and we are satisfied with that,” added Leclerc

P5 went to Perez, after a thought-provoking weekend for the Mexican veteran in that he never looked to match Verstappen. Also, he had no firepower to unsettle the Ferrari duo ahead, an almost anonymous race.

Lewis Hamilton fought all afternoon to put the Mercedes in P6 from P8 on the grid, with Russell having a less rewarding day ending P8, one down from where he started the race. Consolation (or insult) is that Merc-power did the business for their McLaren customers.

Alonso was the highest climber during the Miami Grand Prix


Yuki Tsunoda did well to split the Mercedes duo in the standings, up three positions from where he started and a good points haul for VCARB. Teammate Daniel Ricciardo had another disappointing race, P16 his reward.

The highest climber on the day was Fernando Alonso who turned P15 to P9 for Aston Martin, with smart driving and a different tyre strategy. Teammate Lance Stroll ended P15.

The final point went to Esteban Ocon in the Alpine. The French team struggling with pace in Qualifying, found some for the race. Pierre Gasly ended the race P12.

Final word to McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella who collected McLaren’s 184th F1 victory: “Most important is the victory for Lando because he deserves it SO much. We have always said, as soon as we give him the right material, he will make it and he made it.

“I know what kind of work is behind this. It’s so deserved for the McLaren team. I hope everyone enjoys this moment.  This victory is for Gil de Ferran,” declared Stella, at the end of the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

2024 Miami Grand Prix Result

2024 Miami grand Prix race result f1

How the 2024 Miami Grand Prix unfolded:

Field lines up under a hot and humid south Florida day, on the grid Top 10: VER-LEC-SAI-PER-NOR-PIA-RUS-HAM-HUL-TSU.2023 miami grand prix grid

Top 14 on Pirelli Mediums, except Hamilton on Hards starting P8 as well as Alonso (P15), Magnussen (P18) and Ricciardo (P19) with Bottas (P16) only one on Softs.

Bullet start from Verstappen, with Leclerc slow off the line into Turn 1 it was chaos, with Perez too deep narrowly missing tapping Verstappen. Piastri highest climber to P3.

Despite the aggression, no incidents with Verstappen pulling 1.3s on that first frantic lap.

Russell biggest loser in the top ten, and Piastri highest climber. And fastest on track at that point and hounding Leclerc for P2 in DRS range.

On lap 4, Piastri gets past Leclerc into P2 now hounded by teammate Sainz, with Perez chasing. On lap 6 the gap up to two seconds between P1 and P2.

Hamilton and Hulkenberg swapping places in hard battle for P7.


Verstappen leads by 2.5s. Piastri with Ferrari dfuo in his mirrors. Perez holding station, with Norris in his wake. The top six edging ahead. Albon first to pitstop on lap 12. A flurry of stops follow among the back half of the field.

Russell overtakes Hulkenberg for P8. Just as Norris starts asking questions of Perez. Leclerc putting pressure on Piastri.

On lap 16 Verstappen in control with 3.0s lead over Piastri who was hounded by the Ferrari pair, although Sainz dropping to 1.6s behind the P2 battle Norris and Leclerc battle.

On Lap 18 Perez is the first to pitstop out of the top ten. He emerges P10 on Hards. Leclerc pits on Lap 20 and emerges P6on Hards.


Verstappen leading by 3.5s from Piastri in P2 with a 2.4s gap to Sainz in P3.

Leclerc on the move, got by Hamilton on lap 22 to take P5.

Big moment for Verstappen, on lap, 22 smacking a bollard as he went too deep in the Turn 13 complex which prompted a Virtual Safety Car for a couple of minutes.

ON lap 24, Verstappen pits from a 3.6s lead emerging P4, handing Piastri the lead of 2.8s over Sainz. Again the Red Bull pit crew in fine form.

Notably Norris fastest on track at the point, in P3, 2.0s behind Sainz both on the Mediums they started the race with.

Hamilton pits on Lap 27 emerges P9, one lap after Russell made his stop emerging P11, but by Ocon a lap later for P10.

Lap 28 Norris and Sainz make first stops. Yet to stop, Norris leads Verstpapen by 11 seconds, with Leclerc in P3 2.6s behind the Word Champ.

Lap 29, Safety Car as Sargeant and Magnussen collide – racing incident,simply put: two w@nkers getting it wrong. Veteran K-Mag got the blame and a 10-second penalty. Triggering a flurry of pitstops, luck on Norris’ side who benefits the most from the incident. The Safety Car missed the McLaren which now led the race, from Verstappen.


End of Lap 32 Safety Car sets them free. Chapter 2: Norris vs Verstappen for the lead.

Norris gets a tardy restart but sneaks into Turn 1 ahead with Verstappen under his wing and Leclerc hounding the Red Bull.

On slightly fresher tyres Norris broke the DRS, and a fastest lap to take the lead to 1.4s with battles up and down the field after the restart.

Piastri versus Sainz gets tasty for P4, with the Spaniard moaning about the young Aussie’s tactics. Nothing there but that did not stop the bitching by the Ferrari driver.

Leclerc hanging into Verstappen’s DRS for a couple of laps. Behind them Hamilton into P7, dispatching Tsunoda. Hamilton honing in on Perez for P6.

Norris pumping fastest laps was 2.2s ahead of Verstappen in P2 on Lap 38.


Norris leads by 2.5s over Verstappen who complains he can’t turn the Red Bull. Piastri and Sainz slug it out for P4 with the Spaniard finally getting by with Leclerc edging ahead in P3.

Damage to the front wing after tagging Sainz’s Ferrari saw Piastri slide to P7 and pits for repairs. Ocon and Alonso into top ten as a result.

Sainz reports something wrong with the car. At this point, Hamilton having a storming drive, hassling Perez for P5.

On lap 42, race leader Norris is 3.3s ahead and edging ahead of Verstappen in P2 who has no answer to the McLaren at this stage. Leclerc is P3, a couple of seconds adrift of the #1 RBR.

With ten to go, pretty much a stalemate within the top eight. Alonso and Ocon slug it out for P9, with the Aston Martin squeezing by the Alpine on Lap 49.

At the front. Norris extended lead to 5.2s over Verstappen which became 7.6s by the time chequered waved for the Englishman.