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Herbert: Lawrence Stroll should drop Lance for Sainz and get Newey

lance stroll Herbert: aston martin Lawrence Stroll should drop Lance for Sainz and get Newey

Johnny Herbert has come out and suggested what most Formula 1 fans and pundits think: If Aston Martin are to be taken seriously as an F1 team, they should axe Lance Stroll and sign Carlos Sainz to partner Fernando Alonso ASAP.

Aston Martin aka Team Stroll built by Canadian billionaire, petrolhead Lawrence for his son Lance to win Grand Prix races and be F1 World Champion. The noblest of investments by a father to help his son live the dream.

From his first competitive race in Karting, through to Formula 3 where he won the title in his second season, young Lance always had the best of the best at his disposal. Thanks to his father’s money F2 was avoided and at 18, lil’ Stroll was an F1 driver with Williams.

He went on to become the second youngest driver to celebrate an F1 podium when he finished P3 in Baku in his 2017 rookie season. Only Max Verstappen was younger.

It was a solid showing for the young F1 rookie and enough inspiration for Lawrence to fork out another huge wad of money, adding to the big bucks he paid to get Lance into F1. Namely buying the best teams in the lower series and funding tons of private F1 testing as the kid progressed.

With Williams in disarray after the Paddy Lowe fiasco, Stroll senior saved Force India and turned it into Racing Point where again Junior showed flashes of being a true F1 driver. With a handy car, Lance was capable of delivering results and the Racing Point era was the highlight of his career thus far.

His best year in F1 was the last one with Racing Point, 2020 where he scored 75 points, the most he has achieved in the top-flight and it was a 17-race season to boot, unlike of late with the 20-plus races on the calendar.

Herbert: Lance is not having a good time of it this season

Ricciardo: Stroll not even watching me

In a nutshell, Stroll has underperformed and appears to get worse by the race. He is a shadow of the driver he was pre-Aston Martin. Comprehensively demolished by evergreen veteran Fernando Alonso last season and now this, it is clear that Lance only remains in F1 because of his Dad’s money. The merit he had to be there has long run out.

Speaking to the Media Team at Fastest Payout Online Casino, Herbert weighed in on the saga: “Lance gets criticised unfairly sometimes because his Dad is a Canadian billionaire who has got the team and Lance is in the team and critics say he is there only because of that. He has been on pole position, has led races in F1 and has shown some real speed.

“He won the European F3 Championship which isn’t easy and did so even when people were saying his Dad owned the team. You still have to pedal it, and still do the job in the car. He did do that.

“But he’s not having a good time of it this season. He is struggling. He had a bit of a tough time last year too. I’ve always backed him because he has put in some good showings. But is he going to be F1 World Champion? Probably not because he is not consistent enough,” reckoned Herbert, a three-time GP winner in 161 GP starts.

When F1 roars off the line at the Miami Grand Prix next weekend, Stroll will be making his 149th GP start and observers are treated to a driver who has not improved and does not get better even with a double F1 World Champion mentoring him. The consistency is abysmal, and the rear-ending of Daniel Ricciardo’s VCARB was a rookie error. One of many over the past two seasons.

Meanwhile, Papa Stroll is building one of the mightiest F1 teams their sport has seen. Reviving the Aston Martin brand through racing in the top flight. The British Ferrari so to speak, albeit Green, not Red.

As Aston Martin teammates Alonso has scored 237 points, Stroll 83

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The AMR factory has produced a couple of solid cars the past two F1 seasons which Alonso put to good use with several podiums and always a contender to spoil things at the sharp end of the grid while his teammate Stroll is way back, nowhere to be seen.

Since they became teammates at the start of the 2023 season, Alonso has scored 237 points to Stroll’s 83. Stats show, if the Canadian had scored around the same amount of points as the Spaniard did (206) Aston Martin would’ve probably finished P2 in last year’s F1 Constructors Championship.

That is the harsh reality of what Stroll cost Aston Martin big points and big money with his mediocre performances (relative to ALO) suggesting that the Lance WDC dream won’t happen, kill the nepotism and bring in….

Herbert continued: “Lance and Aston Martin are at a crossroads. Aston have got a lot invested in making the team successful in F1. Fernando Alonso is one part of that. The new factory they are building, the new wind tunnel facility. You don’t invest to stand still.”

Both drivers need to be doing a good job for the team

aston martin Stroll: When I was 12, I was just an Alonso fanboy

Herbert explained: “To improve and move forward you have got to have both your drivers doing the job that is expected of them, it doesn’t matter who you are. You have either got to beat your teammate or be there or thereabouts and that is not quite happening.

“There will be this point where Lawrence has to make a decision. For me if Aston are going to make this a success and move things forward there is a guy out there who would fit the bill perfectly – Carlos Sainz. He is doing a brilliant job at Ferrari in a situation where he knows he has not got a job next year.

“This is the best I have seen of Carlos. It would be a sad state of affairs if Aston missed out on Carlos,” reckoned Herbert, alluding to Sainz being available after Ferrari axed him to make was for incoming Lewis Hamilton to partner Charles Leclerc.

As for ‘Stroll firing Stroll’ so to speak, Herbert said: “They have been together in this motorsport journey for a long time. Lawrence has always been a petrolhead and someone who’s loved his motorsport. He has been very fortunate to be able to live it through his son. It will be very hard. Their relationship is very strong.

“He will obviously want to give his son the best chance he possibly can, but he is also a businessman. This is the fork in the road where he has to make a decision between business and family. For the Aston Martin journey to continue they need the best of the best. There will be a reality check at the end of the day. I feel for him.”

Herbert: Lawrence has already reached out to Adrian Newey

Herbert: Lawrence Stroll should drop Lance for Sainz and get Newey

Johnny then made a case for Sainz to Aston Martin: “To secure Carlos they have to make a move very quickly. Does he want to miss out on someone who is driving the best he ever has and is available?

“Lawrence has already reached out to Adrian Newey at Red Bull with a crazy offer to get him on board. That is the Lawrence I know. He understands that if he got Newey it would immediately elevate them into a completely different outfit and success would probably come very quickly.

“A few months ago Newey told a journalist that one of his few regrets was not working with Fernando Alonso. He loves a challenge and going somewhere to effectively start again I am sure would appeal. He is very happy at Red Bull despite the current saga.

“If I put myself in Newey’s shoes I would be up for the challenge. He also has Ferrari courting him. He has moved before from McLaren to Red Bull and why not again?” concluded Herbert, which might not be wide of the mark in the wake of the unsavoury scandal that struck the World Champs at the start of the season.

Of course, with any team willing to break the bank for his services, Newey could have his pick Ferrari with Lewis Hamilton or Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso. The great designer’s contract with Red Bull reportedly runs on until the end of 2026.

But long before then, Big Boss Lawrence has to figure out how to break the news to his lad: “Lance, everyone is faster than you… How about WEC, son?”

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