Honda to power Aston Martin from 2026 onwards?

Honda aiming to win 2026 F1 Championship with Aston Martin

Honda to power Aston Martin from 2026 onwards?

Honda Racing Corporation boss, Koji Watanabe, set a very ambitious target for the 2026 Formula 1 season, and that is fighting for the Title with Aston Martin.

In 2026 F1 will debut a new set of power unit and aero regulations, and Honda will become the works partner of Aston Martin thus ending their collaboration with Red Bull Racing that started in 2019.

Honda, after their disastrous return to F1 with McLaren in 2015, bounced back in style and finally tasted Title success with Red Bull in 2021 with Max Verstappen taking the Drivers’ Crown that year.

And the run of success with Red Bull has been continuous with two consecutive F1 Title doubles in 2022 and 2023 while 2024 seems to be heading in the same direction.

That impressive streak seemed to have filled Honda with confidence, and their motorsport boss Koji Watanabe insisted the target for 2026 with Aston Martin is no less that the Championship.

Speaking to, Watanabe said: “We know that it will be very difficult and it is not so easy, but we need some good targets to put in our best effort together with Aston Martin.

“So, that’s why together with [Lawrence] Stroll and Toshihiro Mibe [Honda CEO and president], we set the target to just aim for the world championship in that year. In reality, it is not so easy.”

Watanabe admitted that both Honda and Aston Martin may be lacking some ingredient for success, but insisted they would work together to highlight what they need to succeed.

“Probably we’re missing something [right now], but we have to tell each other what is missing,” he added. “From an Aston Martin point of view what is missing on the Honda side and also what is missing on the Aston Martin side. That is an honest conversation to become a top-class team together.”

How did this partnership come to be?

Aston Martin Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll took the smart decision to join forces with Honda in his bid to transform the team into a Title contender, but how did he manage to convince Honda?

Watanabe explained: “After we registered as a power unit supplier for 2026 some other teams contacted us as they were interested in working with Honda. Then we talked to those parties and made a decision.

“Honda was very impressed with Mr Stroll’s strong passion and his strong leadership to fight for the world championship in 2026.

“They invested a lot of money to establish the factory in Silverstone. We visited them to see the factory that was under construction. Several times we have meetings with Martin Whitmarsh and Mike Krack, so the management team.

“They are very open and the entire team is working in the same direction, it’s one united team. That is a very good image for us. At the same time, they also think that Honda is a good partner for them to become world champion.

“We have already started a technical working team and also a steering committee meeting to discuss some important issues that we can maybe improve,” Watanabe concluded.

Aston Martin have recently renewed Fernando Alonso’s contract as the Spaniard will be around to spearhead the Honda/Aston Martin partnership on track in 2026.

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