Hamilton: Epic if we can have F1 and MotoGP on same weekend

Lewis Hamilton believes it would be epic of Formula 1 and MotoGP held joint events after Liberty Media bought a controlling stake in the two-wheel top racing division.

Earlier in April Liberty Media, the commercial rights holder of Formula 1 since 2017, announced the purchase of 86% stake in MotoGP’s parent company Dorna Sports.

Dorna’s Sporting Director Carlos Ezpeleta suggested that while it would not be a straightforward affair for various reasons, having F1 and MotoGP sharing weekends could theoretically happen.


Speaking to, Ezpeleta said: “Well, it’s something that at the moment, for obvious reasons, is not in the immediate plans and it’s not something that we are working on, but it’s not something that we are ruling out for the medium-term future either.

“But having said that, the reality is that it makes limited sense, because at the end of the day we have some events with our own fan base, which is a different fan base in most places to the Formula 1 fan base.

“They sell, they sell out in many circuits and so do we, so getting all of us together in the same event, in the same weekend, has difficulties and the return on investment is not very clear today.

“Then you also have problems with the different sponsors, the TV cameras, so it is a project, or it would be a rather complicated project, let’s say.

“Then again, there are a number of circuits that can run both [series], but there are not so many, so it is a project that is not discarded, but we are not working on it either,” Ezpeleta concluded.

Hamilton: I love MotoGP

Over the weekend of the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked about the prospect of having MotoGP races during an F1 weekend since the two series now have one owner.

The seven-time F1 Champion responded, also to “I didn’t really think a lot about it, [but] obviously I read the headlines about it.

“I think Liberty has done an amazing job with Formula 1, obviously the value of the thing [rising since 2017]. So, I think they can do a great job with MotoGP.

“It’s exciting because I love MotoGP. It would be epic if we can have them on the same weekend,” he maintained.

Hamilton, back in 2019, tested Valentino Rossi’s 2019 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 bike, while the Italian sampled the Briton’s 2017 F1 Title winning Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+.

He joked about doing that again, he added: “Maybe I could do a race in MotoGP and race a Formula 1 car on the same weekend – that would be really cool”, but then admitted that it would be “impossible”.

If F1 and MotoGP get over the numerous hurdles and are finally able to run on the same weekend, do not forget that you heard it first here on GrandPrix247….