andretti global f1 bid silverstone factory hq-001

Andretti working with FOM on 11th F1 team until “they can’t say no”

andretti global f1 bid silverstone factory hq-001

Amid the obstacles and delays thrust his way, Michael Andretti’s Formula 1 team dream continues at full thrust, the American is adamant he will continue with the project until the sport “can’t say no” anymore.

Despite getting a resounding nod from the F1’s governing body – Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) – Formula 1, under Stefano Domenicali blocked the request as the sport’s commercial rights owners sided with the existing ten teams.

United they voted against any incoming F1 project when the FIA has the right to grant entries to two more teams. Andretti Global ticked all the boxes. The Federation’s President Mohammed Ben Sulayem called the General Motors back bid “an offer F1 could not refuse” yet they did. For now.

This has not stopped Michael Andretti from powering ahead. Last year he broke soil on the Andretti Global mega factory in Indianapolis. Today he launched 48,000 square foot building at Silverstone Park.

Which the team hailed in a Tweet: “An important milestone for Andretti Global, as we embark on the next stage of our preparations to enter the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.”

The new facility building is a milestone for Andretti Global

Andretti F1 team formally opens new Silverstone facility The new facility building is a milestone for Andretti Global

At the opening function Andretti said: “We’ve embarked on the next stage of our preparations to enter the FIA Formula 1 World Championship with the opening of a new facility at Silverstone Park, UK. Joined by the existing Andretti Cadillac UK workforce of approximately 80 people, we had the honor today of inaugurating this new British home for our wider Andretti family.

“The new facility building is a milestone for Andretti Global. It is an independent property in its own name with the possibility to scale up activities as the situation evolves. The flexible space will house manufacturing facilities, including pattern, model and machine shops, ADM, electronics, R&D and additional office and meeting facilities.

“This new space will continue to work hand in hand with our principal Andretti site in Indiana, and our Formula E facility in Banbury and will be a collaborative site for our global family of race teams,” added the team principal.

Speaking to Sky F1 during the opening of their new UK facility, Andretti revealed: “We are still working along with FOM and we will show that we are bringing a lot to the party. General Motors is huge coming to the party. They are not just coming to be here, they are coming here to be a big part of our team.

“I think it’s not been understood yet how big that is. Once everybody understands what we are really putting together it’ll be a point where they can’t say no.”

Andretti: We are not naive in any way in that way

2024 – Andretti Cadillac F1 Team Andretti: We are not naive in any way in that way

General Motors are building a F1 Power Unit to 2028 specs, when F1 are open to considering the entry. But Andretti argues that his bid deserves an entry earlier than that: “They are currently building an engine. They are already registered to do it.”

“So we will have an engine in 2028, but obviously we need to build to get there. To just, all of a sudden, show up in ’28 with a new engine and no team, we need two years to build there to get there that when we do get our own engine the team’s ready to go and be competitive.

“So we are not naive in any way in that way,” insisted Andretti, who previously accused F1 team bosses of considering theirs to be a bid by “hillbillies” such was the aggressiveness of their collective rejection of the 11th team concept.

While the 10 F1 team cabal that call the shots it appears, self-styling themselves as the ten best teams in the world, which F1 should be as the pinnacle of the sport, yet teams like Williams make a mockery with their foibles. As does Alpine with their slide into the abyss of not knowing where they are going.

Then, of course, the issue of Red Bull having two teams which Zak Brown likes to bring up when it suits his narrative. Are Red Bull and VCARB two independent two-car teams or one four-car team? Throw into that the amount of influence and support Mercedes and Ferrari have over their customers.

To steal from Andretti-Hater-In-Chief Toto Wolff: What value do Williams and Alpine or even Haas bring to F1 right now? What about Sauber in their state of pre-Audi-invasion flux?

FIA saw the value the General Motors approved Andretti Global to be the 11th F1 team

andretti sulayem

Michael argues that his team will add-value to F1: “We feel that we’re not going to be diluting the pot, we feel like we’re going to be helping raise the pot, and when the pot gets bigger, then everybody is going to share more in it. It’s been a little frustrating, but we’ll get our point across.”

The Andretti name, first through motorsport and F1 legend Mario Andretti, then Michael himself as a race driver, as well as a host of family members who followed the motorsport journey. Then on to running the teams to the point that they compete around the globe in various series.

The F1 project would be the cherry on the cake for one of the biggest motor racing organisations in the world, Andretti dwarfs the likes of Williams, Haas and Sauber.

Andretti continued: “One thing is General Motors, it’s not something that’s small. General Motors have never been in Formula 1 so to have them come with us says something because they were not just going to do it just on their own, they wanted to do it with a partnership like us.

“So I think the whole way we’re going about it is something that’s never been done before and that’s going to be huge for Formula 1, especially in the United States with having an all-American car being built in America with American owners, American engine and American driver.

“It’s never been done before, and I think with the American market which is still very much untapped it’s only going to help it explode. So to us, it’s a no-brainer, and I think to almost anybody you talk to it’s a no-brainer, so we’ve still got to talk to FOM and get them to understand that it’s going to be better for everybody,” explained Andretti.

How can a legitimate American bid for an F1 team be rejected by the American owners Liberty Media?

atmosphere, Miami International Autodrome, GP2205a, F1, GP, USA The flags of the United States of America and Formula !

As for operations and logistics, Andretti elaborated: “To date, the F1 project has been split between operations in Silverstone, Indiana and at the GM Tech Center in North Carolina. Our preparations began some time ago with a focus on critical activities such as assembling key staff and focusing on long lead-time activities including aerodynamic design, mechanical design and vehicle dynamics.

“The new facility will be completed in phases according to commercial and sporting needs and workforce requirements. We have said that our work continues at pace – this new facility embodies that work.

“While we are building an American works team, having a European base is a great way to attract the best in F1 talent and install state-of-the-art machinery,” explained Andretti.

Worth noting and food for thought is what the FIA communicated with regard to Andretti Global: “If the same stringent entry criteria that were applied for our most recent EOI for Andretti and others were in place when Haas were seeking to enter F1 in 2016, they would not have made the cut.”

Ironically owned by American corporation Liberty Media, F1 is dominated by non-USA teams who are doing everything they can to keep out a FIA-approved, legitimate entry from that country where the sport is booming. There’s something is wrong with that picture.

Big Question: Why are FOM stalling the General Motors-backed Andretti Global bid to be the 11th F1 team?