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NewsDesk Unplugged: Japanese Grand Prix Review

Snapshot japan cover-001

In this Episode of NewsDesk Unplugged, GRANDPRIX247 Editorial duo Paul Velasco and Jad Mallak tuck into the main talking points after the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday.

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Red Bull dominated with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez scoring a one-two at Suzuka despite their ‘fears’ that the pack was closer.

P3 in Japan, for his last time as a Ferrari driver, was soon to be jobless Carlos Sainz, albeit 20 seconds down on the winner. With Charles Leclerc again playing number two to his departing teammate, all weekend. But it was a good Grand Prix for Ferrari, who are now only bettered by Red Bull, the two top teams leaving the rest behind at this stage of the 24 Round 2024 Formula 1 World Championship season.

Three years into the ‘new’ rules, Mercedes are still searching for the ‘Go-Fast’ button on the Traktor W15. Lewis Hamilton was all bullish ahead of the race, but by Sunday afternoon he was in “Do you have better questions?” mode which can be translated into: “I can’t wait to get outta this place. Red suits me!”

Other matters highlighted, discussed and dissected include the continuing fall of Daniel Ricciardo; the cruelty fate continues to dish out to Williams since it realised they had no spare chassis; McLaren’s strange form; Fernando Alonso demolishing Lance Stroll and other news that made headlines during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

Last but not least, Paul and Jad agree and have crowned Max Verstappen the 2024 F1 World Champ after four races and with 20 to go!