Krack: We need to add more performance to keep Alonso

Krack: We need to add more performance to keep Alonso

Krack: We need to add more performance to keep Alonso

Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s Team Principal, claimed the team needed to add more performance if they hope to have a chance of retaining Fernando Alonso’s services beyond this season.

Alonso, a double Formula 1 Champion, will be a free agent at the end of the 2024 season, and has been coy about his future plans, even going as far as saying that he needs to decide whether he continues racing of not.

Aston Martin have expressed their intention to keep Alonso in the fold for 2025, while he has not shied away from expressing his interest in a Mercedes seat to replace the Ferrari-bound Lewis Hamilton, while Red Bull – who “theoretically” have a vacancy in 2025 with Sergio Perez’s contract expiring – maybe an option.

Alonso delivered another one of his trademark feisty performances in Japan last week, finishing the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix in sixth, beating two Mercedes and one McLaren, and claiming that Aston Martin have exceeded their own expectations.

Alonso praised his team for a good race execution, and Krack was asked whether such performances are enough to convince Alonso to re-sign, he responded: “We need to add more [Performance]. We definitely need to add more.

“But I think, you know, if he can fight and not be in the middle of nowhere it’s already a first step. And then we will not stop. We will bring parts over the season to keep him motivated and keep him happy at Aston Martin,” he added.

Are Mercedes currently a step up for Alonso?

mercedes W20 f1

While Mercedes are an eight-time F1 Constructors’ Champion, their current form would be far from attractive for drivers looking for a new seat, so would Aston Martin be a more appealing prospect for Alonso.

“It’s very nice that you make that observation,” Krack responded when presented with this argument, “because we are always focusing on the negatives, don’t we? You know, which is the nature of racing.

“But I agree, now, when you see what happened over the last two, three years, the progress that the teams have made – it is nice to see that here there is a possibility there [at Mercedes], but maybe I better stay here [at Aston].

“You can maybe talk to him [Alonso] in Spanish [laughs] and try to convince [him],” Krack joked directing his statement to the Spanish media present.

“But it shows that I think we have come a long way in a short time,” he insisted. “We are still far from where we want to be, but Formula 1 is extremely competitive, and I think, to manage to get into this first block of five [teams], and I agree there are two blocks at the moment, it’s a good thing.

“But we want to get further forward in that block. I think we’ve managed to not be the last on the block in some races, like today [Sunday in Japan] or maybe also last week or two weeks ago – so we need to try and consolidate that, and come further forward,” the Aston Martin boss added.

Aston Martin more attractive to drivers after 2026

Honda to power Aston Martin from 2026 onwards?

While the likes of McLaren’s Zac Brown opted to link their fate to Mercedes, signing a long-term power unit supply agreement, Lawrence Stroll took a more shrewd approach and signed a works agreement with Honda for 2026 and beyond, a sign of his true intent of developing Aston Martin into an F1 Title contender – whether he achieves it is another story though.

Naturally, Aston Martin’s future with Honda will make them an alluring option for drivers thinking about joining them, but Krack reckons there are other factors in play as well.

Asked about this point, he said: “It’s not only that [Honda works agreement], but it’s also the rest of the infrastructure projects that are coming along.

“So if we have the wind tunnel onboard and the new simulator and the whole thing is finished, together with Honda, it is certainly attractive, certainly more than it was two years ago.

“But then also we know it’s nice to have all these things, but you need to deliver on track. You are only measured on that. And that the most important,” the 52-year-old Luxembourgish engineer concluded.

Aston Martin are currently fifth in the 2024 F1 Constructors’ Championship, only one point behind Mercedes who are fourth. (Reporting by Agnes Carlier from Suzuka)