Parc Ferme: Kon'nichiwa Suzuka

Parc Ferme: Kon’nichiwa Suzuka

Parc Ferme: Kon'nichiwa Suzuka

The Formula 1 circus returns to Suzuka this weekend, the track Ayrton Senna made his own. The timing is unusual, as traditionally, the Japanese venue typically pops up towards the back end of the season.

The cooler weather at this time of year will no doubt be welcome, but it does offer an air of unpredictability, with no recent temp data.

Revenge is best served raw

However, what will be more predictable is the Dutch national anthem being played at the end of the race. It would be a mistake to assume that the Red Bull machine has a gremlin in the works. Its Honda’s home Grand Prix, and we can expect a doubling down by the team on preparation and determination to bury the Ferrari renaissance.


What’s behind the Suzuka curtain?

Suzuka plays to all the strengths of the RB20 with its combination of mid and high-speed corners. So much so, that the team is ready to showcase their version of “podless” aero. An approach that Mercedes publicly failed to make work.  Everyone is curious to know what this will look like, and Max Verstappen gave us a clue: “The colour will probably be the same.”

Choose your fish

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has been under siege for some time, with Toto Wolff piling it higher and digging it deeper. Raw fish is popular in these parts. However, If Red Bull makes this work, Toto may want to brace himself for a wet fish to the face and on his table.

Not you, too?

Meanwhile, speculation on defections circulate, and none more so than Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull to become part of a tripartite – Messrs Newey, Hamilton and Ferrari. Hamilton recently suggested in a GQ interview that fashion and films are his future. Imagine Hamilton winning his eighth F1 World Championship with Ferrari in a car designed by Newey. Apparently, the script is already in progress. The working title; GOATS!

Tilting at windmills

At the other end of the spectrum, the deck chairs are apparently being rearranged this weekend on the Alpine “Titanic”. We’re told that the team from Enstone will be bringing upgrades to Suzuka. Unless it’s something mythical of Lotus 78 proportions, which is unlikely, we can expect to see them move from the tenth to the ninth row of the grid.

With an asthmatic PU that is around thirty horsepower behind the rest of the grid, they can hope to achieve little until 2026. You can’t polish a Merde.