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albon sargeant vowles williams f1 suzuka japan

No Williams spare means no Albon and Sargeant errors at Suzuka

albon sargeant vowles williams f1 suzuka japan

According to Williams F1 Team they will have two chassis but no spare for the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, meaning Logan Sargeant and Alex Albon should do FP1 at Suzuka on Friday, albeit under big pressure to keep it ‘clean’ at one of the most perilous venues on the Formula 1 calendar.

Old-school cool, beautiful but cruel Suzuka is a beast among racing circuits, where a slight mistake can be severely punished. And our Williams lads tend to be crash-prone. All that, plus the prospect of not starting a Grand Prix again, should they bin it will weigh heavily on the drivers and their errant Team Principal James Vowles.

While there was sympathy for Sareant’s plight of having to sit out the race in Melbourne. This after Albon pranged and the American was told to relinquish his seat to the team’s number one driver. Incredibly Williams had no spare chassis.

One could argue that Karma was collecting from Sargeant who binned too many Williams cars and this time, didn’t break anything but had to hand over the keys to Albon who had broken his own car on Friday at the also unforgiving Albert Park.

Speaking ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, Sargeant recalled the fiasco Down Under: “Australia was perhaps the most difficult weekend I’ve ever had to face as a driver and the same goes for the team. I really appreciate the fans for sticking by us with their incredible support at the track and back home.”

Sargeant: I can’t wait to give it another go

crash sargeant

The 23-year-old from Florida, USA added: “I’m looking to put this challenging moment behind us, learn from it and continue pushing together this season. I’ve taken the opportunity between races to head to Bali to stay sharp both mentally and physically, with plenty of time spent in the gym.

“I’m excited to be heading back to Japan so early in the season. Suzuka is iconic and is one of everyone’s favourite tracks on the calendar. I can’t wait to give it another go,” declared Sargeant.

That “another go” hopefully does not include a damage-inducing excursion or incident for The Sarge. which would mean his 25th GP start will not be at Suzuka on Sunday, but rather in China two weeks thereafter. Whereupon, hopefully, Williams will have a spare chassis by then.

Albon – who inadvertently exposed his team’s chassis shortcomings with the crash at Albert Park – will also have to watch his step in the snap-happy Williams. The Thai driver said in his preview of the Suzuka weekend ahead: “Australia was clearly not how we want to go racing as a team, and it did unfortunately highlight the journey that we’re on.

“Despite this, the team trackside and back at Grove has really pulled together in an impressive way to repair the car and deliver it to the track on time, which we are all hugely thankful for,” added Albon, who should be making 85th Grand Prix start in Japan on Sunday. But he needs to stay out of trouble.

Vowles: It’s unacceptable in modern-day Formula 1

albon sargeant vowles williams f1 suzuka japan

The sorry saga has not only embarrassed the once-great Williams F1 team but also made a mockery of F1 selling itself as the pinnacle of the sport. It’s akin to going to a Final of NBA, NFL, NHL, World Cup, UEFA Champions League (or whatever) without reserves or substitutes.

Before pulling out a smokescreen of excuses – aka the “Microsoft Excel” revelation, Williams team principal Vowles aptly summed up his gaffe own in one sentence: “It’s unacceptable in modern-day Formula 1 not to have a spare chassis.”

Editor’s Note: As always, when we head to Suzuka and talk about its perils, we must remember the late, much-missed Jules Bianchi who perished six months after crashing out of the Japanese Grand Prix. A race turned treacherous, and deadly, by a deluge of rain making Sunday 5th October 2014 one of F1’s darkest days

May all the Gods be kind to Formula 1 this weekend sat Suzuka, with special care for the Williams lads, please.