Horner: No single individual is bigger than the team

Horner: No single individual is bigger than the team

Horner: No single individual is bigger than the team

Christian Horner insisted no single individual is bigger than Red Bull Racing, amid increasing speculation that Max Verstappen may be looking to jump.

If we can take anything from the recent development at Red Bull Racing, it is that nothing is actually what it seems to be, and that it takes nothing to turn things upside down within a team, regardless of how successful they are.

It all started with Horner’s investigation regarding his “alleged inappropriate behavior” towards a female colleague, a charge of which he was cleared by Red Bull GmbH, his team’s mother company.

But then came those leaked photos and text messages, the purported evidence in the case, which sent the F1 world into a frenzy, followed by Jos Verstappen’s mutiny claiming Horner has to go or Red Bull Racing will “explode”.

And while Verstappen Jr defended Sr, who was out of the picture in Saudi Arabia, the news broke that the female complainant was suspended from her job at Red Bull Racing, something Horner refused to comment on.

Then Helmut Marko was a subject of an investigation based on the possibility that he was behind the leaks surrounding Horner’s investigation, only for Verstappen to leap to his defense even threatening he would leave the team of the 80-year-old Austrian was ousted.

This episode was settled quickly however, as Marko announced, less than 24 hours later that he would be staying with Red Bull following talks with Oliver Mintzlaff, chief executive of corporate projects at Red Bull GmbH, who was present in the Jeddah paddock.

Everybody has a role to play

Horner, speaking to Sky Sports, was naturally asked about the situation within Red Bull responded: “Obviously, a lot is made of this stuff. But we are one team, and nobody is bigger than the team.

“Everybody has a role to play. That’s from the very bottom to the very top,” he added.

Horner went on sending a clear message to Verstappen who threatened to leave the team should Marko walk, he said: “Max is an important member of our team. He’s a valued member of our team. He’s a wonderful driver, but everybody has a role to play in this team.

“We are a team. No single individual is bigger than the team,” the Briton reiterated.

Marko issue related to Red Bull GmbH and not the racing team

As for the Marko/Mintzlaff talks, Horner claimed it has nothing to do with the racing team, distancing himself from the matter.

“Helmut, he is a consultant to Red Bull GmbH,” he said. “So, whatever the discussion was, it was between them and was not the team.”

Horner was also quizzed about the relationship with Jos Verstappen following the latter’s comments that his son may leave Red Bull Racing, and whether it can be repaired.

He said: “The speculation is obviously rife. But the most important thing is the team and focusing on on-track performances.

“You only do that by having a spirit, a culture, and a determination throughout the entire company. As team principal and CEO, I’m responsible for the running and the operation of this team.

“So, everybody has to do their part. Max is doing his part, and everybody else is doing their part,” Horner concluded.