Ricciardo on Tsunoda shenanigans: A bit of immaturity

Ricciardo on Tsunoda shenanigans: A bit of immaturity

Ricciardo on Tsunoda shenanigans: A bit of immaturity

Daniel Ricciardo commented on teammate Yuki Tsunoda’s post Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix shenanigans labeling them as “a bit if immaturity” from the Japanese.

Towards the end of the race in Bahrain last Saturday, Tsunoda and Ricciardo were running out of the points in 13th and 14th respectively, the former on Hard tyres the latter on Softs.

Tsunoda was trying to overtake the Haas of Kevin Magnussen for 12th place but was unable to do so, the Dane known for his “robust” defense, so RB opted to switch cars and give Ricciardo a go at the Haas hoping his Soft tyres would help him finish the job.

Tsunoda was vocally unhappy with the team orders and resisted to hand over his position to his teammate, who eventually failed to pass Magnussen as well.

However, and on the cool-down lap Tsunoda appeared to dive-bomb Ricciardo in Turn 8, the later came back on track after locking up and almost rammed the sister VCARB 01.

Ricciardo was naturally unimpressed and was heard of the team radio saying: “F***, what the f***? I’ll save it. He’s a f***ing helmet.”

Speaking to the F1 TV after the race, Ricciardo was asked how he felt about the incident, he responded: “I don’t know.

“I came on the radio and was trying to stay cool. A bit of immaturity? I’m being very sensible right now, but let’s call it immaturity.

“[Tsunoda’s] obviously frustrated with the team orders call,” he added, “but let’s be real, this is something we talk about before the race. It was very likely I was going to use the soft at the end of the race, so he knew that there was a chance that I would have a pace advantage at the end, and if he gets a call, it’s going to happen.

“He’s also not giving me points, we’re fighting for 13th, so at least give us the best chance to get at least one car in the points,” the Australian pointed out.

Tsunoda took his time to give the position to Ricciardo who ultimately could not pass Magnussen, so did the Honey Badger feel his teammate’s antics were to blame?

“I think we had a better chance, for sure,” Ricciardo claimed. “Because also with the soft [tyre]… lap by lap it slowly gets away from you, so you need to use it when you can. The more traffic you’re in, the more it starts to drop away. Every lap counts.

“Ultimately, I don’t think we were good enough for points today,” Ricciardo admitted. “We maybe could have got Kevin and then maybe got closer to Zhou [Guanyu], but it didn’t change much.

“It is what it is. It’s a long year, we need to make sure we’re all good, so we’ll go back, have a meeting, be very mature about it then look forward to Jeddah,” he concluded.

Tsunoda: I was just about to overtake Magnussen

Tsunoda gave his side of the story, he told the media: “I was just about to overtake Magnussen. We have to review what was their thoughts to be honest, I don’t really understand.

“To be honest I don’t know,” was Tsunoda’s answer when asked if he was unhappy with the team orders. “I was outside of points.

“I was just about to overtake Magnussen, I was side by side on the main straight and got a driver swap [for the] last few laps. So yeah, to be honest, I didn’t understand what the team thought. So I have to understand what’s the… what they were thinking, but you know to be honest so far I don’t understand,” he explained.

When brought to his attention that Ricciardo was less that a second behind him, Tsunoda said: “I was also second [behind the car in front] and I was just overtaking Magnussen. And he also didn’t overtake Magnussen.

“So yeah… We have to review what was their thoughts to be honest, I don’t really understand,” the Japanese driver concluded.

RB CEO Peter Bayer reflected on the team order issue in Bahrain, he told “As far as the team order thing is concerned, yes we discussed it.

“We gave Yuki a heads-up and said, ‘Look you need to you need to overtake Magnussen, and otherwise we need to swap’. He had two laps and didn’t make it. So we said let’s swap. We discussed it with him,” Bayer concluded.

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier)