Hamilton: Bahrain a super average race

Hamilton: Bahrain a super average race

Hamilton: Bahrain a super average race

Lewis Hamilton drove an underwhelming 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix to finish seventh after starting from ninth, a race he labeled as “super average”.

The seven-time Formula 1 Champion sacrificed his qualifying pace with a car setup targeting better race pace, but could not capitalize on that much, as he suffered reliability issues with overheating brakes, battery problems, not to mention a broken seat that compromised his race even further.

Speaking to the media, Hamilton revealed: “For a while my battery was dead, so down the straights I was just derating the whole way down the straight. So I lost a lot of ground to the McLarens.


“I was fixing that out for some laps, and that took a good 10 laps, and I lost plenty of seconds through that. And then after that was just really trying to get back on it, and catch up, as soon we got that fixed. And then there was a bit of overheating of the brakes. And then in general, the performance was so-so,” he added.

Hamilton’s teammate George Russell suffered from an overheating car due to Mercedes messing up the cooling configuration, but Hamilton also had to deal with a broken seat.

“My seat started moving,” he said. “Like it clicked, and my left side like dropped, and so then it was moving through the braking zones. Not great.”

While Mercedes debuted a totally new F1 car for 2024 with a new concept mirroring Red Bull’s successful design, the pace of both W15 was not convincing in Bahrain, but Hamilton insists he’s not getting depressed, maybe because he knows he is on his way out by the end of 2025 to join Ferrari.

Red Bull will be winning everything for a while

“I feel good. I don’t feel downbeat,” he insisted. “A super average race, and I think once I go back and see the times of the Red Bulls that will add to the doings. They’re going to win everything for a while.

“But what I feel is that the last couple of years, we’ve had all these problems, and we spent several races undoing all those problems, like trying to figure out what those problems were, as opposed to now we have a platform that we can start adding shit to, adding bricks and stuff. So now it’s a building process from here, and I think we’re a great team in doing that.”

The Briton was upbeat about the feel of his W15 in pre-season testing, but after Bahrain, he feels it would be too early to give a final verdict.

“Too early to tell,” he responded when asked about the W15’s potential. “The setup wasn’t ideal today [Saturday]. We’re very close to McLarens. But I think if I had qualified better, I would probably easily have finished fifth even with the problems.

“So I think take that out of it, and I probably wouldn’t have been crazy far behind a Ferrari, but we’re still third quickest,” the winner of a record 103 grands prix concluded.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier in Bahrain, Writing by Jad Mallak)