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Red Mist: Reasons to be cheerful, Forza Ferrari!

Red Mist: Reasons to be cheerful, Forza Ferrari!

Red Mist: Reasons to be cheerful, Forza Ferrari!

The 2024 Formula 1 Championship fires up on Saturday. Remember that. Saturday, not Sunday this week. But that’s irrelevant.

What’s relevant is where our beloved Ferrari finds itself in the lead up to the longest F1 World Championship in history.

First things first. It’s a completely different kettle of fish. Ferrari is a totally changed team this year. Remember, a year ago, when we were reeling after Binotto’s abdication? It was chaos at Maranello. The former leader’s confidants brewed uneasy before they mainly fled too. The SF-23 was, let’s face it, a bit of a bucket of bolts. We were not in a very good place at all. Still we won. The only other team to win.

Ferrari however starts this season on a very different footing. Revitalized under Fred, there’s a spring in that Scuderia step this year. And that twinkle in Charles and Fred, and even poor Carlos’ eyes. Their smug expressions while being interviewed, suggests that just maybe, they know something that we don’t.

All change at Maranello for ‘2024

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Their demeanour is not the only aspect that helps Red Mist hope. What really looks good is a segment of Hard tyre running that Sainz did, hidden among the heap of data in the middle of the test week. Far more important than Ferrari’s Winter World Champion winning single lap pace, that trace beyond confirms what the drivers are suggesting.

“We’re making good progress,” Charles Leclerc already admitted early in the test week. “Once again the car’s doing what it needs to do, which wasn’t the case at the start of last year. That was a very, very complicated car to drive. This year it’s easier, so we’re starting from a better base, but there’s still a lot of work to do.”

Carlos Sainz added: “We had a good week, but I’m also positive and encouraged because I’ve seen the amount of work that everyone has put into this car.

“I’ve seen the mentality and the work ethic behind it, and I like the working method that we’ve had in Ferrari over the past ten months developing this car, so it’s a great start,” he claimed.

No, it isn’t the RB20 freight train!

“It’s difficult to know exactly where we are in terms of pure performance, but Carlos and Charles are in a much better place with the car,” team boss Fred Vasseur commented. “The car is much more consistent with much less tyre degradation, which is important for the race for sure.”

All that said, it has been seventeen long years since Ferrari last won an F1 World Driver’s Title with Kimi Raikkonen in 2007. Do you remember where you were that day? Red Mist certainly does! Ferrari also has the fearsome and favourite combination of Red Bull, Max Verstappen, and Adrian Newey to beat first, if it wants to win.

But somehow there seems a tiny little glimmer of light at the end of the 2024 F1 World Championship Tunnel. And Red Mist is confident that’s not the Freight Train RB20’s headlight, because it simply doesn’t have one.

So maybe, just maybe, that little twinkle is a tiny ray of Championship hope. Let’s do this, boys! Forza Ferrari!

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