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fred vasseur bahrain f1 press conference

Vasseur: We have to put the subject of Hamilton to bed, please

Vasseur: Ferrari have to put the subject of Hamilton to bed, pleasefred vasseur bahrain f1 press conference

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur has requested that media hold off on the incessant questions regarding Lewis Hamilton ditching Mercedes to join the great Italian team from 2025, he wants the great Italian team to focus on the Formula 1 season ahead.

In the wake of Hamilton’s sensational signing by Ferrari to partner Charles Leclerc starting next season, the line of questions has tended to be about the news that shocked the Formula 1 establishment to the core rhe sport’s longest ‘Silly Season’ was triggered and we are still a year away from seeing Sir Lewis driving in Red.

Inevitably, since the deal was confirmed the Ferrari team boss has been inundated with questions, but Vasseur urged reporters in Bahrain: “We have to put the subject of Hamilton to bed, please. We should now concentrate fully on the upcoming 2024 GP season. I will be happy to talk about Hamilton when the 2025 season approaches.”

“Of course, it’s good for us to know what our future looks like. But for me, the focus is now on the year with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Nobody can sugarcoat the fact that we had a difficult year in 2023. But I think it was a difficult season for everyone – with the exception of Red Bull Racing.”

“I realise that Ferrari will have to take a big step if we want to catch up with the leader. But what encourages us is that we made considerable progress during the 2023 season, and we need to build on that in 2024.”

Vasseur: Carlos and Charles both seem happy

Vasseur: Carlos and Charles both seem happy ferrari hamilton coming

“Ultimately, it’s quite simple in Formula 1,” explained Vassuer: “If you feel satisfied with your situation, you’re as good as done. Instead, you have to go to work with the mindset that you have to constantly improve – emphasising strengths and eliminating weaknesses. You can’t let up for a moment.”

As for suggestions that the F1 field has concertina-ed, Vasseur reckoned: “Move closer together? Does that also apply to Red Bull Racing? I don’t know. I rather think that RBR’s pursuers will be even closer together. That doesn’t make our task any easier.”

On the positive side, the Frenchman said: “I’m excited to be back on track. For sure it’s better to be at the top than down the back, but you don’t know about the fuel loads of the others or the engine settings.

“The important thing for us is the feeling of Carlos and Charles and they both seem happy with the feeling in the car and the driveability. We also have to stay calm with this, trust the feedback and know we have a lot to do on the development – for sure Red Bull are ahead,” added Vasseur.

The 2024 F1 World Championship begins with next weekend’s season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, the final of Hamilton’s 13 seasons as a Mercedes and the last of Sainz’s four years as a Ferrari driver.

As much as Ferrari and Vasseur want media to downplay Hamilton’s switch to Red, it is unlikely they will always oblige and he should expect nothing less.

After all, that’s another price to pay when the greatest team signs one of the F1’s greatest drivers and announces a year before his arrival at 4, Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello for his first day as a Red in a year or so.